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  1. Anything from a 9I to s 60* wedge. Lie, weather, pin location, and green firmness/contour all factor into my decision. My main focus is getting the right trajectory for the shot.
  2. I had a prgr back in the day that was money. I still look for one on ebay frequently bit have had no luck.
  3. 1)Cobra f9 driver, 10.5 loft, Atmos TS Blue 60S. Excellent condition. Headcover and wrench included. Stock length. I've just moved to a 12* head. $230 2) Exotics David Glod putter, 35", new lamkin pistol grip, aftermarket sight dot, magnetic white Exotics hc. Mint condition. SOLD 3) John Byron Dalehead Eleven. 35", new Iomic pistol grip, refinished in a black nickel. I purchased it a year ago immediately after the refinish and it has only been used indoors. There is some minor pitting in the cavity under the finish that can be seen up close. $125 All prices are paypalled
  4. I would beg to differ. While I don't have a lot of experience with Fed Ex, USPS has been world's better than UPS for the 20+ years I've been shipping and receiving golf equipment. I've NEVER received a broken club or shaft shipped via USPS while UPS has a damage record with me that is atrocious. I fondly remember ordering a Matrix shaft back in the day that was ordered directly from Matrix. UPS delivered it broken in half 3 consecutive times with the box damage and shaft break in the exact same spot each time. What can brown do for me? Treat my packages like s..t
  5. If Club Champion is where you purchased it I'd be all over them to get it done. I've had warranty replacements from both TM and Callaway and in each case they had a replacement to me within 72 hours. You might even consider calling TM directly.
  6. His best skill has always been his clutch putting and this week he didn't have it. Compared to the field he was pretty bad from 5-10 feet.
  7. All I think he needs to do is stop tinkering. How many times in the last few years has he changed putters? Changed how he grips the putter? Now he's chasing Bryson. I honestly believe if he just goes out and plays, he'll find it.
  8. I think it's a dumb idea. Augusta's best defense is her greens, not distance. If they brown out the greens even the short holes can be disastrous. The beauty of the Masters is the possibility of heroic golf on the back 9 due to #13 and #15 being gettable. They'd be stupid to ever change that.
  9. Mine is the other way around. Playing a scratch event and hit 5 shots in a row OB (in course ob) off a hanging uphill lie. Literally put the 5 balls in a 10 foot circle. Took a 15 on a par 4 and posted a 54 on the front. While walking to #10 one of my playing partners told me I'd never respect myself if I didn't break 90. Shot 32 on the backside for a smooth 86. The worst part was that while warming up on the range at an event the following week I overheard guys talking about "the dude who took a 15 on a hole last week."
  10. Never the same set. I did recently buy a set of Rac Lt's for backup as I loved them many moons ago and found a good conditioned set for a great price. I've only successfully bought back my own club once. A John Byron that I sold to a friend during hard times. Traded a set of irons to get it back and it took me a month to return it to its former glory as he'd turned it into a belly putter and changed the paint fill to a kelly green from it's original white. FWIW, green is NOT a good match with copper, and I will never sell that putter again.
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