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  1. Hairpie

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Thanks for the response. Hope to order one soon.
  2. Hairpie

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Interested in this as well. Also wondering if it's possible to order with a regular steel shaft? Not a big fan of the blacked out look.
  3. I would add the King Cobra LTD to the list also. FWIW I've still got a 540 XD/TP with similar acoustics. I certainly prefer the dull thwack above all else.
  4. My hands sweat...ALOT! I take my glove off after every shot and do everything possible to make them last. My main requirements are Cabretta and no lycra anywhere (makes my glove slip). I've noticed no difference in longevity between a $20 glove and a $6.99 MG. While I will occasionally buy upper level gloves if I find a really good deal, the MG serves me very well.
  5. I would agree. If my consistency and clubhead speed hadn't dropped the last few years I'd have kept mine. An absolute beast of a driver for good ballstrikers.
  6. I've played virtually every model since the Bio Cell. The Bio Cell is in my son's bag and I have an F9 as my backup. One of the best features is that Cobra has kept the same adapter since the Bio Cell. Makes having different shaft options much easier.
  7. 1.City and State? Lincoln, CA 2. Handicap? 8.4 3. Current Ball? B330 S 4. What color e12 Contact do you want to test? White 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes sir.
  8. I can empathize...sorta...I've been playing 45 years including a 15 year stretch at scratch. I've made 9 birdies in a single round, more eagles than I can count, but am still searching for that eagle that shows up as a "1" on the score card. I've seen nearly all my friends do it, including one who did it in his 1st round on a golf course...with a RANGE ball. I feel your pain.
  9. Wow...Neal Dubin gave lessons at the course I learned the game at back in the 70's. A little executive track in El Segundo, Ca. Small world.
  10. 54-32. Back when I was a scratch and played a tourney nearly every week. Carded a 15 on the par 4 third (hit 5 consecutive shots ob off a hanging lie). Walking to the 10th one of my playing partners told me " you'll never respect yourself if you don't break 90". Smooth 32 coming in. The worst of it was while I was warming up on the range at the next week's event I could hear guys talking about the "dude who took a 15 on a hole last week"....
  11. I wholeheartedly agree. An absolute fade machine for me.
  12. They have a lifetime warranty so maybe ask for a new head. Sounds like the head or hosel has a problem.
  13. Is there anyone playing this driver who has also played the EXS 220? Been playing the 220 now for about 3 months and it is the most forgiving head I've ever hit. A good friend tried mine yesterday for the 1st time and was blown away by it's accuracy. He literally couldn't miss a fairway with it. Just as long as his Epic/Ventus blue combo but the dispersion was 10-15 yards better on both left and right misses. He's already seeking out a 12* head like mine since turning down the loft opens the face. But both he and I are wondering if the 721 is any better? Anyone?
  14. 48,52,56. I also have a 60 which I only recently acquired. I was a scratch for most of my golfing life and I still consider a 60 to be a speciality club that most amateurs don't need and shouldn't even use. I've always been able to open my 56 to play a lob when needed. I only put the 60 in the bag for specific courses or conditions; maybe 10% of the time at most. After a 1 1/2 years with the lob I still am more comfortable opening the 56.
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