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  1. Have a 54* PM Grind 19 that was the precursor to the current Jaws Hi Toe. I would stick with the Hi Toe in 54* personally if you don't mind the looks (some hate it).
  2. What is the consensus on the "traditional" loft of a pw? Before jacked lofts... 45*? 50*?
  3. Carbon is the future in all woods. 5 years from now, nobody on wrx will be gaming a titanium wood. It's so much easier to build a consistent product from composites than metal. Silly it has taken this long. I am in high end sporting equipment manufacturing fyi...
  4. My office in sunny San Diego has massive breaks on the carpet. Perfect for practice on conf calls. But the office putter at the moment is absolute s*** house. Time to step it up
  5. 4 hours later and I swung through a second hand store on a whim and picked up another 52* Callaway before my vokeys have even arrived from another WRX'er! Bag is set challenge is over before I have even swung a club for 2022! Excited for a simpler wedge game either way. Gonna hurt to leave the trusty 54* PMgrind19 in the garage for a while....
  6. Saw it for sale locally. To strange for me even as a tomato stake!
  7. Anyone know what this is or how much it is worth?
  8. Currently 47, 50, 54, 58 and very mixed setup in my regular bag. Going to try 47, 52, 58; thought the Vokeys I am getting may not be the right sole shape for me. If that is the case, they will go in my minimalist bag which I use on the executive course down the street with my kids
  9. Callaway woods, miura irons, vokey wedges, bettinardi putter, pro V1 balls in a no logo bag. I'd wear as comfy and casual clothes as I could that wouldn't get me kicked out of the tour. And I would have a smoking hot chick for a looper. Win the pip $ and you don't need an equipment deal!
  10. If you play in wind a lot, I would avoid the 7w. I love mine and it will never leave my bag, but I pay a lot of attention to wind for a given shot as it launches sooo high!
  11. Scrap of paper with my carry distances written on it. It is a reminder of my realities and not fantasy hits.
  12. Just got some wedges from BST. If I put them in my Sunday bag it doesn't count, right?
  13. I bagged a chipper when I was early on in golf. It got the ax when I finally developed a good wedge game. Been sitter in the garage for years now. My daughter used it a little, but a good mate was recently missing having one in the bag so it's finding a new home. He is about the same score as me but not around greens so this will keep us both improving. No shame. Build a bag that works for you
  14. Couple months back, a buddy and I were both lamenting our 3w woes with each other during a round. 10th tee was a perfect 3 off the tee. We each tried the others and parked them perfect. Swapped on the spot.
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