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  1. My 7i distances on 3.3 were woefully short. Like 110 range. Now with 3.6 I am getting 165s consistently. Good development for sure.
  2. I think I’ve read a majority of ‘good’ reviews.
  3. It’s RADAR and I don’t think color should matter at all.
  4. Brought mine to the range yesterday and had my club pro with me. Very useful on the range. My pro said he was impressed and a lot of the numbers he thought were accurate including attack angle and even spin for some shots. Distances seemed spot on. I am keeping it and hope for more improvements in future FW updates. Swinging into a net isn’t the same but I feel the setup needs a bit more love for me to comment. I definitely have swing hesitancy as my wedges have gone over the net into my neighbors yard (tho I do live on Oakland Hills CC.)
  5. I grabbed one last night after reading your post. They had 9 left at that point and now all are gone. Thanks for that. How do you like yours?
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