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  1. Glad to hear the club tangle may be over exaggerated in other posts. My main concern was that a number of reviews on the Ping site as well mention this issue and it drives me crazy. Any idea or thoughts on if the 5-way or 14-way divider is worse re: club tangle? If full-length dividers aren’t likely for the 2022 bag, any idea when we’ll hear more about what changes we will see? When are these typically announced/released.
  2. Any idea when the 2022 Ping Hoofers will be marketed/released? My understanding is that this year in the cycle should be a new design rather than just new colors, and I'm hoping they change to full length dividers as club tangle is a huge pet-peeve of mine and I've heard the 2020/2021 models have been dreadful in that regard.
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