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  1. I am by no means a putter junky or a Scotty Cameron Collector, I just really like equipment and want to get some information so I can eventually purchase one of these and be as knowledgable about what model I want so I can make the right purchase (I'm 21 so I have some time haha). Can someone please take the time and explain to me the difference between all of these Circle T models? They looks vaguely the same and I would appreciate it if a really avid Scotty nut could explain to me how each is different besides whether it has the jewels in the back or weights on the bottom (unless that really is the only difference) - Circle T 009 - Cirlce T 009 M - Circle T 009 SSS - Circle T 009 M SSS - Circle T SSS - Circle T Newport 2 - Circle T Tour Rat - Circle T Tour Rat 2 I'm super interested in the 009 models specifically because they seem to look the best to me I just don't know if I am biased or whatever. Any info would be awesome
  2. I have a 4-PW set of Mizuno JPX 921 SEL w/ Nippon NS PRO Modus 3 Tour 105-X. While playing today I cracked the hosel of my 4-iron, making the club unplayable. Today I went on eBay and purchased Callaway Apex Pro 2014 4 and 5 iron heads to replace the JPX 921 Forged Irons in my bag in order to retain some consistency among my iron set. I intend on reinstalling these heads myself and I have all the materials to do so. However, I have a question: is it possible for me to put the new heads on my Nippon Shafts without taking my existing grips off of the shaft. I know that if one end of the shaft is sealed and I put the head on it will be impossible for the head to go fully on the shaft because the vacuum effect that is created will push the head off the shaft. So I am wondering if there is anything I can do in order to avoid this from happening so I don't have to pull my grips. Thanks
  3. Srixon ZX7 Iron Set - Set Makeup: 4 - PW (7 clubs) - Lofts: 22°, 25°, 28°, 32°, 36°, 41°, 46° - Lie Angle: 3° upright on ALL clubs - Club Length: 1.5" above standard on ALL clubs - Swing Weight: every club has a TourLock Counterweight installed underneath the grips to bring them down from E2 to D5 - Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 (additional info: 4-Iron shaft has been soft stepped, all other shafts are standard) - Grips: Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Midsize (installed logo down) - Price: $800 (please feel free to reach out with any offers or questions)
  4. I don't play either club anymore but I got fitted for ZX7s in February (switched to Mizuno JPX921 Tour) but during my fit I tried the Wilson Staff CB and I liked the ZX7's a lot more. Look a lot sleeker at address and aren't as round. Srixons also felt better
  5. if you are on the steeper side, you are going to love the ZX7s
  6. I looked at this thread for tips on how to do this to my own wedges but I was able to figure out a solution to this that is able to turn a wedge completely rusted in less than 5 minutes 1) Get an old Salsa Jar or Takeout Soup Container (any container that is able to fit the entire clubhead) [IF IT HAS A LID THAT IS IDEAL] 2) Pour this solution into the jar (8oz Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4 Teaspoon of Salt, 2 Tablespoons of White Vinegar) 3) Fill remainder of the container with warm water (remember to take displacement into account so it doesn't overflow when you put wedge in but will still cover the entire head) 4) Put the lid on the container and shake it so solution gets mixed 5) Place wedge into the container and watch the magic happen 6) Take wedge out of container and rinse it off with water then pat dry with a paper towel (a bunch of gross residue will come off and I don't want to ruin your towels) 7) Put wedge back in solution until desired rust level is achieved
  7. I got fitted for the ZX7s (4-PW) in February of this year and gamed them all the way up until 2 weeks ago when I made the switch to the 921 Tours. Personally, I am a much larger fan of the JPX 921 Tours but lemme give you the rundown of both sets Mizuno JPX 921 Tour - better looking at address - significantly softer - more forgiving - much weaker lofted (had them bent to match loft of ZX7s) Srixon ZX7 - feel clicky off the face (main reason why I switched) - much thinner top line and longer blade length - less offset (at least that's how it looks to me) - still super forgiving for a players iron - V-Sole for better turf interaction Both are really fantastic irons but I really prefer the softer feel, shorter blade length, and more offset the Mizuno's offer. I also recommend you get fitted for both because the guy who fitted me said ZX7's work better for those who have a steeper swing
  9. I don't think the GolfWrx WITB posts are as frequent for the women but i'm sure I could do it for the top 10-25
  10. this is a pretty sick idea, definitely update this post or make new posts as everything comes together
  11. I just looked up a picture of the XR 16 Pro and it looks awesome. Super small head size like you said
  12. what year is this from? When I look it up the SpeedZone model keeps popping up
  13. Even though I go to school in North Carolina I actually live in FL so I can play year round haha. Just had the thought and I looked more into it
  14. I just bought a set of Mizuno JPX 921 SEL's (4 & 5 iron are 921 Forged, and 6-PW are 921 Tour) and both diameters were .355. Hope this helps
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