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  1. Just got back from the range and my evaluation is that it did very well with my irons. Right to left had some deviations in how far right/left, but left was always left and right was right. Distances were spot on with 7-sw. My 4h and driver shots were way short. 4h was roughly 20 yds short and driver was between 20-50 yds short. I ran out of balls before I could hit 3w or 5/6 irons. I am happy overall with the unit, I just hope they can fix the driver distance issue. I bought this mainly to work on my irons so the short comings that I found are acceptable to me.
  2. I decided to take the leap and ordered one from rock bottom yesterday. Got my tracking number today for delivery tomorrow. Planning on taking it to the driving range this weekend.
  3. Have been visiting the forum here for a few months so I decided to join. Took a 10 year break from golf and just started playing again.
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