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    CJ Cup 2021

    Always thought Mitchell seemed so intense and not fun to be around. But after watching him play a full round with YouTuber Garrett Clark from GoodGood that was released this week...the guy is hilarious. Pulling for him to win.
  2. If the club was really close to my residence (or maybe work), and had a great practice facility, where there also wasn't good practice facilities open to the public near me, I'd probably opt for the club membership. While having a sweet indoor setup to use any day or any time is nice, nothing beats practicing off grass fairways, rough, or out of bunkers. Launch monitor can help dial in your long game, and to a certain extent help gap your wedges and pitch shots, but it's always off a perfect turf lie. I would shave more strokes practicing chips, putts, and bunker shots on uneven lies, or sometimes where the ball is sitting up or down in the grass...and also seeing how my ball is actually reacting to the green in terms of balls checking up or releasing. I also really enjoy practicing outdoors...so much so that I don't mind driving quite a ways to spend time at the better public practice facilities. Being outside and walking is part of what I enjoy about practicing. If the club wasn't near me, or there are just as good public practice facilities for free...I'd probably opt for lessons or if actually needed, a club fitting. Right now, the only thing I might want to fit is my driver as I've been recently fit for irons and my driver swing has changed. If there's any leftover, plan a golf trip.
  3. The PGA Tour is a non profit organization.
  4. Yup...if someone offered me even money on this proposition...I'd take it without blinking an eye. I'd also take the same bet against Rory, Hatton, Koepka, Spieth, Finau, and Hovland individually. Morikawa, Cantlay, Schauffele, and Bryson...I'd have to think about it. The only 3 people I would pass the bet on for sure is DJ, Thomas and Rahm...as I think they are probably 60-65% chance to win one in the next 12 years...DJ is getting older, but has proven himself at the one major that never changes venue where experience matters more than raw talent.
  5. PuttOut Medium and the Pressure Putt trainer. I kind of liked the idea of the Pressure Putt thing where the ball gets stuck in the hole only if you make a perfect putt...but in reality, I leave the hole closed and just use it as a ball return device so the ball rolls back within range for me to reach out my putter, and scoot the ball back to me. I believe I've experienced the "grooving" that was mentioned above, but for the most part, I can tell whether or not I hit a good putt that started online vs one that may have started slightly off line and "grooved" back to the center. I just don't really care because I like the fact that even my bad putts will still go up the Pressure Putt ramp and come back towards me so I don't have to chase the ball. I know in reality I'm not actually making 30 six footers in a row on my mat.
  6. What combination of shaft and grip did you order?
  7. Congratulations on a great round. I recently tied my career low of 74...which was previously shot 15 years ago. Had not shot under 77 since then I believe as I took a long break from golf. Like you, it could have been lower. Granted, it was a fairly easy course, but everything seemed to line up where my misses were putting me in comfortable situations. I believe I made 2 birdies and 13 pars when only hitting 7 greens and 5 fairways. 10 one putts always helps. Golf is a very fickle game where you don't actually need to hit awesome shots on any given hole to make a par. And sometimes even perfectly executed shots (at least how you thought it in your mind) can be punished with bad bounces, funky lies, or you just misread the wind, break on a putt, or how hard/soft the ground is to anticipate the check or release of an approach shot. Every once in a while, the stars just align and you get way more breaks that go your favor than don't. I'm sure we have all had the opposite experience where you just feel like you're striping the ball, and hitting great putts...but you're just not scoring.
  8. Honolulu, Hawaii 1. 9.2 2. Sim2 Max 3. Ability to play from various lies 4. Interested in adjustability, which few other hybrids have 5. Yes
  9. Is it just a matter of the shaft difference going to something 120 grams compared to the 105 you have now? Have you asked the fitter to try the P790s with the same 120g shaft to see what is really making the difference so you can focus on what options really matter? JPX 921 Tour and Cobra MIM are both more traditionally lofted as well by 2.5-3.5 degrees more loft on a 7 iron compared to your P790s. So would be interesting to know what performance differences you're seeing when fitting.
  10. If someone asked me a question..."Can you putt?" My answer would be yes. Am I a better putter than any golfer that ever played a pro event? The answer to that question would be no. Therefore, all pro golfers must be able to putt.
  11. Agree. It might not even be that they have a full book of customers already paying a lower rate. They simply might have revenue sources other than lessons that already takes up the majority of their time and is far more lucrative. They might have 5 hours per week to squeeze in a few lessons, but if they get no takers, no big deal...the bills still get paid and they still have enough revenue to live their definition of comfortable. If someone offered me $15 an hour, to work a 5 hour shift bagging groceries the middle of Sunday (which is when my club plays), I'd turn them down without blinking an eye. It's not that $15 an hour isn't a fair wage for bagging groceries...like you mentioned, it's just not worth giving up my free time given I my income is sufficient to pay my bills and $75 per week additional income isn't "worth it" for me. But if someone offered me $100 an hour to bag groceries, for 5 hours on a Sunday, I'd probably take them up it and find a Saturday club to golf with instead. Then in a few months buy a GC3 so I can have great indoor range sessions Sunday morning/afternoon before or after going to bag groceries. For other people, $100 an hour might not be enough to take that offer if their current income levels are high enough, or the $100 an hour isn't enough to pay for a divorce lawyer.
  12. One of the best lessons I got in marketing was to price your product on what people are willing to pay, not what you're product is actually worth. When you go to a pro sports ball park, and they are charging $14 for a 16 oz draft beer, that's an outrageous markup from what one could buy from the grocery store. But if there's a long line of people still wiling to pay $14, the concession stand would be foolish to charge $2 per beer, if that's what it's actually "worth" in terms of the product itself.
  13. My preferred fairway finder or lay up club is my 5w turned up 1 degree to 19.5. Launches high to get over the typical bunkers short, but lands soft to control the roll out. I carry my 5w around 220, and it rolls out to 235ish, and typically the courses I play and from the tees I play...the fattest part of the fairway is 200-240 yards from the tee. The downside is playing into the wind. While it can still penetrate through the wind, any side spin is magnified with the higher launch.
  14. MGS's very small sample size of comparisons would lead you to believe that the ball data is very similar. Didn't see anything posted on how one sticker club data would compare to 4 sticker quad club data. Shouldn't be hard for one of the many possible reviewers to do a side by side comparison eventually.
  15. If a crap ton of people buy the Bushnell LP and the subscription model, and the market does flood with launch monitor competition 5 years from now...what incentive does Bushnell have to lower their subscription prices for the LP? They already got you by the balls...if anything, they might raise the subscription prices knowing you bought a piece of equipment that is useless without their subscription. Sure...Bushnell might not be able to sell more LPs in 5 years with an expensive subscription model, but again, if your theory is right that the market will be flooded in 5 years, Bushnell will be focused on their next LM to stay competitive...not to drop their subscription prices to stay competitive.
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