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  1. 1. The new grooves 2. Using wedges with similar forgiveness as my irons 3. 54
  2. Yeah...I presume if you look at the scorecards of everyone in history who made a hole in one, including pros, you probably would see scores of 1 through 6 in a 6 hole span on occasion. I agree the part that's really crazy is the golfer was +15 through 11 before going on this run, and -4 in 3 holes is extremely unlikely given it's a mid handicapper at best and didn't require a par 5 in that 3 hole stretch.
  3. Anyone have any experience with cobra's custom iron lead time in relation to what they have "available" in the drop down options? If I go to the current Forged Tec Iron custom build, lots of shafts to choose from, but some grips are not selectable...which I presume means they are out of stock? But does that mean everything that can be selected from drop down is in stock and just takes the normal lead time to assemble and ship? Or do you fall into the same trap I presume all manufacturers have where you can select items for a custom build but you really have no idea if that component is in stock or when it might come in if it isn't in stock? I ordered SpeedZone fairway woods directly from Cobra early in 2021 when they became discounted. Pretty much shipped right away and at my door in less than a week but they weren't custom.
  4. If I absolutely pure a shot...and assuming I actually held a good finish position, I will probably twirl the club. Sometimes it's a good twirl, and sometimes it doesn't twirl as intended and the club head almost hits me in the face. As others mentioned, on really bad shots, I'll also pose and twirl just to mock myself. It's a game...I intend to have fun while I'm golfing, and in general, I don't take the game that seriously. I've certainly had my fair share of club twirls that end up in a bunker instead of on the green, and I'm more than happy to let my buddies get a laugh out of it when it happens.
  5. I use a 22 degree hybrid rather than a 4 iron. That part of my bag gets the least amount of use/practice so I need as much forgiveness as I can get when I do use it. I prefer a hybrid over another fairway wood to still make it easy to get the ball in the air, but not balloon sky high.
  6. Same...I have my 3w turned up 1.5 degrees from 14.5 to 16 and my 5w turned up 1 degree from 18.5 to 19.5. I find it's a better balance of having more control than the standard lofts each come in.
  7. Total bag $1900. Mix of brand new (last year models), used, and one brand new current year model (putter). 11 handicap
  8. I think it's a lot easier said than done. Yes, Trackman already have the technology, but it's stepping your foot into uncharted waters. It's probably the reason Foresight Sports got acquired by Vista and were cobranded with Bushnell to make the GC3/LM Pro happen. Foresight sports could still focus on what they do best in terms of hardware and software and leave the expansion, distribution, consumer marketing, and large scale customer service to those who have the experience in that category. The lower market is also extremely competitive, which also means it's high risk. TrackMan is currently operating in a market where only a handful of competitors exist, and the barrier to entry to that market is high. Yes, it's lower volume, but margins are much higher, and it's much easier to meet demand...especially when you consider today's supply chain and chip shortage issues. Going down market does open up opportunity for higher volume sales, but also introduces more competition not just from the current manufacturers in that space we know of today...but there are new ones constantly popping up and it's only a matter of time before app development for mobile phone/devices gets good enough to also compete in the $2000-4000 PLM space. Will Trackman lose current sales to the lower competition...absolutely yes...but there is a much smaller segment of Trackman's current customer market that are now opting for a < $8000 PLM as compared to customers who could never consider a Trackman to begin with. The need for high quality data and software in not just the golf industry is still growing. And while the price is really high, for many of Trackman's customers, the cost is a business expense. As a consumer, I'd love to see Trackman go down market as competition is always good for the consumer...but I also understand why they wouldn't do it, or at least might not be diving head first.
  9. Yes, they offered a discount but I ended up cancelling the order anyway. I'm going to be busier than I expected with work for the first half of 2022, and when I do get out and play/practice recently, I've been hitting my current irons the best I ever have recently. With the "player's distance" category getting a lot more attention from all manufacturers in recent years, I'm fine going back to "wait and see" mode. I imagine there will be a new TM P770, Cobra Forgetec, and JPX line coming out in the next 12-18 months. As the category matures, the market for quality used stuff should expand...which is typically how I've bought irons anyway. The DTC market is starting to look really attractive as well for half the price.
  10. 2nd round…just using the watch/app for yardages and post hole score entry, then post round club entry. Boom…this is exactly what I want. Love it.
  11. This is a made for TV event. What exactly did you expect? I'll tune in and watch because I believe I will find entertainment value. I really don't care how much of the "feud" is real or not...no different than how I watch TV shows and movies that are 100% fictional and scripted.
  12. No...the guys that get cut Saturday are slotted into their paid slot that they finish in. If you're in 65th place at the end of the 3rd round, you are cut from the final round and get 65th place money...whatever that is. If you finish the 2nd round and make the "first cut", congratulations...you're going to get paid, get FedEx points, etc.. But you better make a move on Saturday if you want an opportunity at more money. If you create bigger gaps between such cuts, it'd incentivize better play that rewards golfers to get into contention. For example if you make the first cut, you're guaranteed $20,000 and X number of FedEx points. But unless you make the 2nd cut, everyone who finishes 31st to 70th gets paid the same (with maybe a 25% reduction for 3rd round WDs). If you make the second cut at top 30, you're minimum payout is say $65,000 and you also get a meaningful boost in FedEx cup points over those guys that finish 31st-70th. Again though...while I think this would create more incentive on "not coasting" for players...it really serves little purpose for fans and viewers. TV wouldn't be able to cover all of the movement going on between the 3rd round leaders and those fighting to make the cut for the final round (unless it's a very notable name in a big tournament). And the on course spectators and sponsors probably don't want only 30 golfers on the course Sunday when they currently have 70. There is some value to having guys not in contention still playing on Sunday...if it means a guy like Phil is walking the course and giving waist high thumbs up and signing autographs.
  13. One idea I'd like to see is a second cut after the 3rd round is over. The way the cut is now after 2 rounds does serve it's purpose in that there have been many instances where guys make the cut on the number and go on to contend or win. A second cut to say the top 30 (or maybe top 20 for the Masters) would create more drama on Saturday and more incentive to take risks for all players in the field on the weekend. That said, TV coverage has a hard enough time covering enough shots of those in contention...so from a viewer perspective, I'm not sure how well it would work out. But from the player perspective, I can see how more shots on the weekend would matter. Once you're in the top 30 or so to start the final round, there's pretty good incentive to go low with how deep the fields are. Usually 30th is only a few shots outside the top 10, and a reasonable amount of shots outside the top 3 where the big money is. If you're starting the final round in 50th or worse...you could go low and maybe cash out an additional $75k???
  14. First round with app and watch was overload and too much to manage while playing. I thought I could handle the tracking of clubs after each shot, but when I forgot, it totally messed me up as I just wanted to get back to the screen that told me front/middle/back distances. Will try again with no club prompting and all the editing done post round, which I hope will improve my experience. The tutorial videos make it seem easy to add and reorganize shots post round. It's probably a learning curve, but I couldn't even get past one hole post round editing before I quit. Might have gotten screwed up by my entries of data during the round. The good news is that as a GPS watch, it worked fine compared to my previous Garmin Vivoactive, and I still had 50% battery left on my apple watch series 7 after the round was done, and it was a nearly 5 hour round. I was worried it would be closer to 15-20% given the 7ish hour GPS battery apple claims. I was also glad it did have the feature of tracking distance from the last shot, which always comes in handy when searching for an errant tee shot you didn't see land. Had the "I don't see your ball here, I think it went in the bushes" comment from my cart mate...looked at my watch and realized we were only 175 yards from the tee...didn't waste any time searching that area where he stopped the cart and walked further and sure enough my ball was safe...LOL. I will say though that there were times where the GPS yardage was off compared to laser...but that's a known thing with GPS (both phone and watch), and I had similar instances where laser was off compared to my Garmin or other phone gps apps. It's not an issue with V1 Game's app...just a known limitation with consumer level GPS.
  15. I made the mistake of ordering with a custom grip in late August, not knowing that the shaft I got fitted for is indeed the P790 stock TT 105 VSS shaft. Had I known I was ordering the stock shaft, I would have just ordered stock and ripped the grip off and replaced. Still no ETA on my set. Considered cancelling and just ordering stock, but I received an offer to hold off and wait that is "worth it" for me. Won't get into specifics since I don't know if it's offered across the board, or only through certain channels, but for others that are pending a custom order that was originally quoted an earlier ship date, it doesn't hurt to call TM and ask what can be done. The worst they can say is no.
  16. I finally decided to ditch my Garmin Vivoactive and move to an apple watch (this was more of a smart watch decision than a golf decision) and going to give the V1 Game app a try. I watched almost all the tutorials on the V1 Game app and I really like the concept that lets you choose how much attention you want to pay to shot tracking during the round, while still having ability to piece everything back together post round using their AI and breadcrumbs. I always had trouble managing penalty shots, and marking "recovery shots" post round and this app seems to have that process dialed in. Watching the tutorials, I wouldn't say it's "easy", but something you can manage if the tracking mattered to you. Trying to reorganize shots on the Garmin app was beyond frustrating, to the point where I didn't even bother. If this doesn't work out, I may go down the Arccos route, but I'd rather avoid the sensors if I can. V1 Game par or birdie subscription will probably do the job for me, and is much cheaper than the Arccos subscription after the free trial is done. I'll have more feedback in a few weeks once I get a few rounds in.
  17. Sorry - I misread and thought it was 2 balls off of every tee.
  18. I only use my Rapsodo at covered ranges during the day. I've seen others use make shift shading by placing the unit under their stand bag and a combination of their towels or other objects to prevent direct sunlight on the unit. Depending on which way your range faces and the time of day/year, your options may vary, but ultimately if direct sunlight is on your phone on a warm day, it won't last long.
  19. Do you post your score when you play in a scramble event, or modified scramble? Two balls off the tee isn't that much different.
  20. For me... 45 PW - comfortable with full to partial shots 105-130, with 115-125 being ideal 50 GW - comfortable with full to partial shots 85-115, with 100-105 being ideal 54 SW - comfortable with 95% to partial shots 60-95, with 80-90 being ideal. Full swing is 100, but I almost never attempt it. 60 LW - comfortable with 90% to partial shots 45-75, with 55-65 being ideal. Full swing is 80+, but I almost never attempt it. When laying up, I try to avoid 70 yards. It's not that I can't hit the shot well or don't practice it...I'm just indecisive. From a full/partial shot perspective, a 58 makes more sense to me instead of 60, which could help fill that 70 yard hole I have. But I prefer the 60 around the greens for chipping and flopping. I prefer to play on the quicker side, so having to choose between 54 and 60 is more obvious once I get up to the ball for a chip or pitch. When I used to carry 54/58, often times I'd pick one club, then when I stood over it, I'd rethink that maybe the other club might be better, but didn't want to go through the whole shot process. That kind of indecision lead to bad strokes...at no fault of the club. I couldn't get rid of my GW. While I probably could still hit a PW down to 95 yards, or hit my SW 100 with a full swing, it's just not what I'd feel comfortable doing.
  21. How a club sits down at address has no impact on my ability to make a swing with them. Offset does matter to me, but only because my natural shot is a draw, and my miss is a hook. So it isn't a look thing...it's about what offset actually does to the ball given my swing. But looking at offset at address doesn't suddenly make me want to vomit. Nor does a thick top line. I don't play SGI because I want a little more feel, distance control, and minor workability, but it's not because of looks at address. If a full set of hybrids performed the way I need them and want them to, I'd have no problems standing over them at address. All that said, I'd be lying to you if looks didn't matter to me in how clubs sit in my bag, and how my buddies see them. So would I rock a full set of hybrids if that was best for me...yes. Would I pay more if those hybrids could somehow transform into pure blades when they sit in my bag or my friends ask me to see my clubs...absolutely...hahaha
  22. I've seen huge chunks of sod fly on tour, but usually the caddies or players pick them up and place them back into the divot hole. Tons of times you see guys drive the ball down the fairway and as the ball is rolling out you can see the ball rolling past lots of sanded divots, but I can't remember seeing a ball rolling past even one significant chunk of sod. While I'm out on the course...sure...I've seen sod just left on the fairway, but the fairways I play on generally don't form those huge 8-12 inch chunks. As far as a ruling, I think it's no different than if someone dug their heels in deep while in the bunker and just didn't rake. Again...poor form, but no rule for relief.
  23. If the question is draw or fade, I rather play a draw with the driver, since I draw all the rest of my clubs and being on the left side of the fairway usually means another draw is typically the better shot into the green (especially if there are overhanging branches). A draw to me implies the ball isn't moving more than 15 yards right to left with the driver...totally playable If the question is slice or hook, I rather play the slice of the tee. Slices tend to go higher and land softer, so you can still land them in the left center of the fairway and hold the fairway. Hooks you almost have to land it in the right rough to keep it in the fairway, and because it doesn't launch as high or carry as far makes it harder to avoid fairway bunkers or tress you might have to start your ball over.
  24. Do they actually store partial sets for orders at the front of the queue? I always thought they fulfilled orders based on what they can complete at the time, which is why some orders get fulfilled quickly, and some orders constantly get bumped back. But I'd be happy to hear differently.
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