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  1. Unfortunately if you want one it’s going to be have to be $150+ on eBay. I saw the headcovers posted for sale 5x the cost 20 mins after they released, it’s a shame.
  2. I was able to get the dancing skeleton mallet head over. It glows in the dark, which is completely useless, but it looks cool. It’s amazing how fast things sell out. The putters is really what gets me. I understand they are limited edition putters, but at $2100, it’s crazy that they are gone in seconds.
  3. Did anyone get lucky enough to scoop up any of the hive items in todays drop? This was the first time I've tried to get anything out of one of their custom drops, and wow things go fast.
  4. Do what you want, wear what's most comfortable to you.. I don't think I have any equipment manufacturer's clothing items in my closet. I usually wear a G/Fore hat of some kind, and I wear Jordan shoes. Usually just wear whatever random shirt with a collar on it I pull from the closet, and a pair of amazon brand golf pants, nothing fancy. Hell, I played in a hoodie last weekend. I think I've got one FJ shirt with my club's logo on the sleeve. I'm out on the course to play golf, not put on a fashion show.
  5. Already gone. Sold them and upgraded my wife's sticks.
  6. I switched from Srixon 785's about a month ago. Played about 10 rounds with PXG 0311P gen 2, and personally, I play much better with the PXGs. I've found easier to control, easier to shape the ball. It's going to be a personal decision. Srixon's were/are excellent clubs, for me, I just play better and more consistent with the PXG's.
  7. I did not know this.. Good on Ping. I purchased my PXG's using the discounted pricing, but I earned it.
  8. Are the clubs for you or him? I don't know if it's wise for him to use his "Hero" discount on clubs for you. Not the most ethical decision IMO.
  9. One of my regular playing partners, who is a +3.2 index uses a 7 wood. Flights about the same distance as the 5i but launches much higher, and lands softer. Might help you hold the green.. Might be worth looking into.
  10. Regardless of the club; Driver, Irons, Fairways whatever.. If you're fitted properly for one, and buy a new one, it will improve your game. First club I was ever properly fit for was my driver 6 years ago, and instantly improved my scores.
  11. I saw Maxfli's on sale the other day 2 dozen for $35 at Golf Galaxy
  12. According to PXG social media posts, they are actively hiring. Not going away anytime soon if I had to guess.
  13. Congrats on the Ace.. I play 9 hole rounds by myself quite often. I usually prop my phone up behind me and film the par 3's in the event this happens to me. I've hit the stick once on a solo round, heart was pounding, not sure what I would have done if it went in.
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