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  1. You actually have a pretty decent swing, but something I would mention is where your left knee travels. That lead knee comes a little too far inside when you turn, and therefore you try to correct by sliding it outwards in your downswing instead of turning with it. My guess would be your miss is usually either a hook or push, with your knee and how far away you seem to stand.
  2. I didn’t even realize that. I’ve hit on the mat a lot and never really realized it’s above my feet
  3. Here’s the link to the slow mo Sorry about the angle, I had to set my phone on my bag
  4. I am quite tall for a golfer, roughly 6’ 2” and my clubs are .75” over standard length, standard lie. However, I notice when I’m in posture, the toe of my club is up off the ground and in order for it to lie flat, I have to stand almost perfectly upright. Is there a posture change that would help or just flatten the lie angle out? Or maybe it’s the shape of the head? I have Taylormade SIM Max OS.
  5. A lot of you who responded/are responding to what your favorite irons ever were said that you had to get rid of them or got a different set. If they truly were your favorite set, why did you get rid of them?
  6. Everyone has a different favorite set of irons. What’s yours?
  7. I live near Canton, Ohio, and I’ve heard golftec is a pretty good fitter for around here, I’m not sure of anywhere else other than Golf Galaxy, which I’d prefer if I didn’t go to, I’ve heard some horror stories about there
  8. Sometimes a brand like Wilson or Tour Edge can make a really decent club but it’s overlooked because of the brand
  9. Yeah the main issue is inconsistent yardages, stopping on greens, and frankly my accuracy. However, sometimes I’ll hit a shot nicely and it goes only 160, whereas other times itll fly over the green. The ball flight with the irons is pretty low and they don’t spin very much, so I’ve gotten used to smashing an 8 iron to get it to stop rather than an easy 7.
  10. I got the 5-Aw set, and have 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges. I’m confused about one term, however. I’ve heard swing weight a lot recently and I’m not entirely sure what it is. I understand shaft weight and flex and all that, but what is swing weight?
  11. I first started golfing seriously about 2.5, 3 years ago and brought my handicap down significantly in that time. I was shooting around 100-110, but I’ve got down into mid 80s this year and am a little uncertain about my irons. Early last year I got the SIM Max OS irons, and was hitting my 7-iron around 135, 140 yards. Along with the scoring change, my club head speed massively increased, and now I’m hitting 7-iron around 185. Should I look to change my irons to a more players-distance irons or something with a little more loft and less “spring” to them? I like them well enough, but they’re pretty chunky and not visually pleasing at all.
  12. Yeah, I can see it. It looks like your takeaway is to the inside, coming around your body instead of straight back, which puts you into a position to come over-the-top, which you do but not very much, which is where the cut/fade would come in. If you want to hit a draw, focus on making your takeaway straight back and when you get to the top of your backswing, dropping your hand behind you. It’s important to not drop your hands to an extreme, because then you’ll be dealing with inconsistency on fat/thin and hooks.
  13. I think when he means cocking, he means the angle between club and arms. Say you stand at address and pull the head of the club straight upwards, that angle. It’s a bit different and more dynamic in the backswing, but that’s the jist of that term. In order to shallow a club, there should be (doesn’t have to be) a period where you either pull down on the butt of the club or a “free-fall” section that lets the club “flatten” and get a little more parallel to the ground. If you go to the top of your backswing, your hands should be roughly over your trail shoulder. To practice shallowing (preventing Early Extension) you should barely start your turn with your whole body in sync and try to keep the club where it is (ish) and feel it lay more parallel with the ground. That isn’t to say it should be parallel, but that should give you the feel you’re looking for so you don’t have to stand up.
  14. While your hips move fine through the swing, once you start your downswing your shoulders don’t seem to match them. Your hips turn very fast and your shoulders don’t keep up. If you try and slow your hips down, and speed up your shoulders (or a combination of both) and feel- just feel- like youre holding the angle between your arms and your club.
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