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  1. SOLD! Thanks WRX Lets lock this one up. It will ship tomorrow.
  2. Monday Holiday reduced since there could be several of you all at home or playing golf. Reduced to $375.00 Shipped & insured, guys this Driver is like new. Only played 5 rounds, never hit range balls only TP5's. Look at the pictures this thing is MINT!!!! If it doesn't sell I'll keep it for the Grand daughter and cut it down for her.
  3. REDUCED! $400.00 O.B.O shipped & insured. All messages replied to, Thanks for all the offers but I wish to sell this Driver complete, no trades considered as I've aquired to many and thinning the herd a little. Thanks
  4. Sunday Morning reduced, how about $425.00 Shipped & Insured on the SIM 2 MAX Driver, This thing is like new, only played a few rounds and no range balls ever hit with it. Thanks and best of luck!
  5. Pay-Pal sent for Mizuno STG 220 Per our conversation. Thanks again.
  6. 3 Wood Sold Thanks WRX, SIM 2 MAX Driver Still available.
  7. #1. SIM2 MAX Driver, 10.5* Head with Silver Kuro Kage Stiff shaft, only played 5 rounds, in great shape. Head cover included no wrench. Near mint $440 shipped & insured TYD US48 Still Available! Sunday moring reduced! $400.00 O.B.O. shipped & insured SOLD! #2. SIM 2 MAX 3 Wood HL 16.5* Fairway wood, Ventus Blue Regular shaft, only played 5 rounds and in great shape. Head cover included. Near mint $ 220 shipped & insured TYD US48 SOLD! Thanks WRX
  8. Looking for a LA GOLF Tour axs WHT Drivr shaft? message me here and let me know if you have one your willing to let go of. Thanks
  9. I have not tried the Tour Speed, but I'll look at it, also would consider looking at the new AVX? I've gone over all my score cards from last year and it seems my best rounds have come with the Pro V1, and looking back for the reason I changed was to get a little higher ball flight with driver and gain some bite on wedge shots, but nothing really sticks out for making the switch??? maybe I just like experimenting or I thought I did. My son swears by the AVX, and maybe I need to buy a box and play a couple rounds with them. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. Lot #1. 5 Dozen New Box's of TP5 Taylor Made golf balls $200.00 Shipped & Insured TYD US48 SOLD! Thanks! WRX * Lot #2 3 Dozen New Box's of Bridgestone Tour B XRS Golf Balls $110.00 Shipped & Insured TYD US 48 SOLD! Thanks WRX * Lot #3. 2 Dozen, 1 Box of Calloway Chromesoft X ( 1Ball played 1 hole ) & 1 Box of Taylor Made Tour Response $50.00 Shipped & Insured TYD US48- 10 Total Brand New Dozen box's from this year 2021 I prefer to sell in lots due to shipping & Pay-Pal charges Thanks, message me here for contact or questions, Reduced lets get these sold so I can ship them tomorrow while shipping Lot #1
  11. Thanks, I've never tried a Vice ball. Since it's winter here now and snow on the ground I looked over the past years rounds, and a pattern I'm seeing is my lowest round 69, and my avg. 77.6 all came with the Pro V1, Hmmm, maybe this is telling me something. If the Vice Pro Soft is like the Pro V I bet I'll like it. Thanks
  12. Oh Yes don't I know LOL! Way to many and it seems like I always keep going back to the Pro V? It just seems to suit my liking but I will give the Bridgestone's a try and I've heard good things about them from other local players. Thanks
  13. snagy, Thanks my buddy plays the Tour B RXS, green box and swears by them.
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