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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for my question, but I’m taking the PAT for the first time tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips
  2. Could try RDX Blue, I play the 6.5 Rifle in my irons and I love the RDX Blue in all my woods
  3. You could try the DI-8S, but that's not gonna spin as much as the Ventus Red even tho shafts don't spin
  4. You could try the TGI 100 from KBS. The launch conditions are going to be as similar as you can to the Modus 125. You could also try the MMT 125TX if you can get your hands on a set
  5. In my testing I found the 425 and the Rad Speed go all high-ball harry off the tee but more of a mid low flight off the deck. Sim 2 Max for me goes sky high off the deck and mid off the tee. The flight with the 3W off the deck is practically identically to the 7W. I had found my best results so far (haven't hit the Mizzy) with the TSI3 set to 12.75 and Tensei White 75X (stock demo shaft) with a mid flight and a little lower spin (around 2.9k) and I was seeing about 240 carry 260 total both off tee and deck. Basically I got the same results both off the tee and deck with it.
  6. Built the club myself and I installed the head so the face sits a few degrees open just to suit my eye, may just need a shaft change into the RDX blue and cut some length down
  7. Funny enough the STZ is one of the only ones I haven't hit, need Mizuno to send me the demos!! I'll have to give them a try when I can get my hands on one
  8. I'm 100-105 with the 3W and I play Tour-AD BB 7X in the 3W and RDX Blue 6.5 in the 7W
  9. To put it in perspective swing speed is about 103 with the 3W and I typically hit a 5-10yd draw
  10. Currently gaming MAX LS Driver SIM 2 Max 3/7W I'm in love with the 7 but just can't seem to find my stride with the 3. I work in golf so I've hit just about everything I can but I just can't seem to find something that gives me the same feel and control as the 7W. Would appreciate any recommendations
  11. It depends on which Motore you go with. The F3 is going to be much closer to the tensei in performance and bend profile. The shaft is meant for someone who loads it smoother as the butt and mid section are stiffer than the tip The F1 is going to spin a touch lower and launch a touch lower as well. The tip is much stiffer than the F3 and tensei. As always I would get fit
  12. I'm looking to add about 50 grams to a two ball white hot OG, was wondering if anyone had any advice?
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