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  1. Just out of curiosity do you have more information on that? Did you see that somewhere else? I feel like if this were true and they were smart, they would be announcing that today before pre-sale goes live on these units on Monday...
  2. I think this is where I am at. I am not outraged but definitely disappointed. I had a GC3 quote sent over and just had to pay for it yesterday. Decided to sleep on it and woke up realizing that I don't want to pay $7K and only be able to play 10 courses I have never heard of and have to purchase something like Pebble Beach for $500. I just couldn't do it. That doesn't mean their business model is necessarily bad, they may just be going after a different customer. I live in IL and my main use for this is a garage simulator/practice area. I am not really interested in taking it to the range as the ranges around here have pretty crappy golf balls. So at that price point I would be better off going with a Uneekor and GS Pro or see if I can work a Mevo+ in my garage. I probably would have pulled the trigger if this had been open to 3rd party software as it is seemingly perfect for a garage setup. That is at least my two cents and my decision making process. I just can't spend $7K for the monitor and only have 10 courses when I know I could have thousands of courses for less money. If in the future, someone has figured out a way to get it to work with GS Pro, then maybe I will circle back to it. I will be very curious to see what people think in the meantime!
  3. I just talked with Foresight as well. The one thing I took away is that the GC3 will NOT be compatible with 3rd part simulation software. He expressly said no TGC 2019 or GS Pro. So now I am wondering which 3rd party software the Launch Pro allows as I feel like it would be odd for Foresight to say no but Launch Pro to say yes. He also said FSX Play is coming out in a month or so and is basically improved physics and graphics but no extra courses included or anything like that. It would still be the 10 courses you get for the $7,000 would just transfer over. Kind of a bummer on the 3rd party software and depending on the Launch Pro flexibility, it may push people towards that.
  4. I think another issue is that subscription prices are always subject to change. So we are assuming that there may be more, cheaper options in the future but what if this becomes like Netflix and there are price hikes on the subscription every year? Then if you say no this is getting to be too much, you are essentially crippling the hardware you bought. Something that I have been thinking about all morning at least. If Bushnell raises the price of the subscription every year by $50 or $100, people may have made a different choice on what to purchase.
  5. I think they missed the boat the most with the software subscription pricing. If 3rd party simulation was allowed in the silver tier that may be a no brainer as it takes the break even point from 5 to 10 years. If FSX just provided the range and you were able to use 3rd party simulation software for $399 per year that would seemingly be a no brainer considering the overwhelming opinion on FSX 2020 isn't great. As it stands, silver comes with 5 courses and you have to pay for every single one you want to add on to that. That is just insane. For people that can't golf outside year round, I feel like you would want more than 5 courses and how do you justify paying $200ish per course when you could get the entirety of GS Pro for that price? Plus the FSX 2020 graphics are pretty bad from what my research has shown. Kind of missed the boat on this a bit in my opinion. Why not leverage 3rd party simulation software and then have your own range and analysis software as part of the subscription?
  6. Looks like email coming from Bushnell at 9 AM CT tomorrow per a post from Bushnell on the Facebook group. It’s finally happening.
  7. We are in the exact same situation then and it sounds like we have been going to the same places for research haha. I am trying to get something done before the teeth of the IL winter hit as well. Most of what you have there is stuff that I am targeting as well. Just have to put my plan in action, but I am waiting for final details on this before I finalize plans and start purchasing. Looks like you did a great job though!
  8. That looks really nice. Where is that turf from? Which hitting mat did you go with? Is that a Carl's screen and enclosure?
  9. Haha it was one of those things where I was measuring it out and I think I am going to ceiling mount some heavy blackout curtains on a track to prevent shanks/darken up the room for the projector and I thought "damnit I need to move that garage door motor." Did you buy one off Amazon? I saw a couple. They all seem to run right around $400-$500. It is just for the third stall though and we don't use it for anything besides kids' toy storage right now.
  10. I think this is a fascinating idea because I am in the same exact boat. The issue is, if the $800 per year for software is true, then it makes more sense to go with the GC3 over the launch pro if your timeframe for keeping your sim is greater than 5 years. Foresight will almost certainly offer a sim in a box option as they do for their current launch monitors. I totally agree with you that Bushnell has a really great opportunity here. I have done hours of research on screens, projectors, gaming computers, side mounted garage door motors, hitting mats, turf, launch monitors, etc. Having a one stop shop to grab all of that with something that seamlessly works together would be fantastic at the right price point. I am sure they have done their market research. The issue will become if the rumors are true $3,000 up front + $800 per year for software with less data for the BLP vs $7,000 up front all in for the GC3 is going to be a tough sell for Bushnell if that is truly the case. I wonder if Bushnell will offer any financing as Foresight currently looks like they do? I could stomach to finance the extra costs with the knowledge that after year 5 I will be doing better than break even on the costs. I will also be curious to see if both, one, or none are more open to outside software vs being very locked down on the FSX platform. There is a zero percent chance I am paying $500 per extra course I want to play when there is software out there that gives you tons of courses for way way less (TGC and GS Pro). Thursday will most likely be the day I finalize my simulator plans one way or the other. Just need Bushnell/Foresight to fill in the gaps.
  11. I am in almost the exact same situation haha. Even down to the ball dots. It isn't a big deal but at the same time I really don't want to have to deal with it. I looked at the Uneekor systems because I found them very interesting. The QED requires ball dots and for $4K more their top of the line monitor does not. That alone made me sit there and wonder if that would be worth it haha which I don't think it is. More for convenience. I definitely want accuracy, but it doesn't have to be crazy. My friends and I have played on an optishot system at one bar and the other has About Golf. The Optishot to us was unplayable. There were times we would be 5 yards from the green and our chips would register 120 yards. A few times but still very annoying. The About Golf are super accurate and correspondingly super expensive. I need something if I am going to practice and play in the winter/occasionally in the summer that is good enough.
  12. Can you tell us what those are? I know there was a rumor of a floor unit from Uneekor, but nothing that I could see confirmed.
  13. Yeah that is where I am at. I can't spend a fortune, but I also don't want to build something and wish I had pivoted to something else if this is going to be a long term setup. I have the same garage issues that you had mentioned that really there is nothing I can do about them. My buddies and I play simulator golf in the winter at a couple bars around here. Just started about 2 years ago and love it since we can't obviously get out starting in mid-November. If this unit is fairly cost effective then it will be a winner but it is also hard to justify $3K plus a subscription plus $500 per course you want to add (give or take). And that is if it is actually $3K and not higher which has also been speculated. We will see. I think they have a real opportunity here. They have to know that selling individual courses for that much money is not competitive vs some of the other software options out there.
  14. I am very curious on the pricing for this. I am working on a garage simulator and put the plans on hold until I got more information on this. My original plan was to go Skytrak or Mevo+ and pair it with TGC2019 but the idea of this unit is way more interesting to me especially with the limited garage space (3rd stall). I live in IL so we are closing in on not being able to golf outdoors pretty soon here and that is why I started this project in the first place. I golf outside as much as possible but with 2 young kids and as someone on here stated the public courses are getting slower and slower to play. This is why having a simulator appeals to me. Golf year round and I can play 18 holes in about 20-30 minutes on a simulator. My major concern about this entire thing is being locked into FSX software. You can have 100,000 courses on TGC 2019 for a one time $950 fee or I know that GS Pro is going to get out of beta soon and that is appealing as well. Meanwhile, it seems like the software subscriptions for this come with either 8 or 10 courses and then you have to purchase them individually from Foresight if you want more. I don't mind paying more for the unit itself but I don't want to get locked into a situation where if I want to play Pebble and Spyglass I have to pay another $1,000 for 2 courses. I am curious on other people's thoughts on this as it does impact my decision due to price definitely being a factor in my build.
  15. Well Brady is playing until he is 50. Browns gonna Browns. If I have learned anything it is that you can't stop Tom Cruise. So I would go Top Gun, Bushnell, Brady, Browns haha. In all seriousness though how do you have a plan to lift an embargo on the 21st and late in the afternoon the day before that you pivot and say "just kidding we will give you a new date soon." How does that even happen that they didn't know this may not be ready for the next day until about 2 hours before the close of business haha.
  16. An admin from the Hackers Paradise thread on this subject said that the embargo was supposed to be lifted tomorrow but that it was delayed today and they should have a new date tomorrow or Wednesday morning sometime. So that is not a great development...
  17. Seconded. I am kind of surprised we have heard nothing considering the reps were supposedly finished with training last week. There hasn't even been the weekly say nothing email from Bushnell. Kind of ironic the last line of the last email from Bushnell was "it is time for Launch Pro."
  18. Embargo on reviews or the actual unit? Did your rep give you pricing or availability details today after training yesterday?
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