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  1. Bryant? Redish hair, I knew him fairly well. If we're talking about the same person he passed a couple few years back.
  2. Also, to make anyone feel better, I tinker. I'm happy with my bag, but I think I've been looking for too much to ask out of a 4 iron. After over a year, I find myself poking around with driver shafts. It's hard to be completely satisfied. I had an oban kiyoshi hb come in this morning. I play a high fade, but there are times that I have a distance debate with myself even though it's not really needed on our course. The 4 irons over the past few months..
  3. Thanks, I walked into our gm's office and saw the titleist bag in black that he got in for himself. Maybe two months ago, so this year I'd say. I told him I needed one in grey... The club is my home course, Camden Country Club, old Ross course in SC.
  4. Thanks yall Those are my second set of eye 2s, and I've played or played with them a good bit. I've kept for sentimental reasons old golf gear, mostly everything else I give to youths. The irons are great, the lofts just aren't as strong. I got my first set of eye 2s in the late 80s. The coppers I bought as soon as I could afford a set of my own. An older man in our club owned a set, and I couldn't stop daydreaming about them. I've got an eye 2 driver somewhere as well, and a few drivers left over from my junior days. My son actually took out my old mizuno black turbo 2 driver(as a joke) I carried until oversized drivers took over.
  5. Just thought I'd throw it out there, I've looked through this forum for a few years.. finally decided to join Sim2 Driver, oban kiyoshi hb Sim2 5w Sim 3 hybrid 4 and 5 are now Mizuno hmbs, NM 120s 6 through wedge Mizuno mp20 mb, NM 120s Vokey 52.08, 56.10, 60.04 Old Cameron putter
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