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  1. That british racing green tho... YUM. Touloun must be a AM f1 fan
  2. Head sales manager at a Private club
  3. The local ping rep came by the shop a few days ago and boy those wedges were nice. Noticably smaller than a vokey or a mg2 maybe even smaller than a md5. Topline was nice and thin and they felt proper smooth off the face. Pretty normal launch and spin numbers, nothing special to report there.
  4. Lol what a classic to assume you know better than me whats going on in my proshop. We cant order balls simply because there is no balls to order
  5. Anyone of you wizards on here who knows what the head weight is? Thanks!
  6. There is already a ball shortage. I work in a proshop and all we can get our hands on are tour balls at the moment
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