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  1. Hi all, I've asked before about this but wanted to start a new post as I've given it some thought and have progressed slightly. I currently use Ping i10s which I've had for over 10 years now and I'm after something slightly newer and more forgiving. I do like my i10s but wonder if my game could be improved by getting something slightly more modern. I play off 10 and my natural shot is hit quite a high ball with a slight draw. I'm a fairly decent striker, I just lack consistency and make silly unforced errors which I'm working on. I would rather stay with Ping irons having tried other manufacturers in the past and not getting away with them (the exception being my old Titleist DCI 762s which I loved). I've shortlisted it to: - Ping i200 - Ping iE1 - Ping G25...will I balloon these? What are peoples thoughts? I'm more than happy to hear alternatives which you can suggest. Appreciate this is quite an open-ended question! Budget is about £400 and I would prefer 4i to be included as I use this quite a lot. Thank you, again.
  2. Thank you. Interestingly, a lot of my problems are also as a result of swinging fast. I'm sure I will crack this then something else will go!
  3. Yes. Explained far better than my poor attempt.
  4. Hopefully I can explain it right. I've got into a bad habit of looping my swing. I swing back and loop it round on the outside by a tiny fraction. It's stopping that.
  5. A small update after my lesson this morning. Hopefully my terminology is correct! A few of you had already predicted what I was doing I was swinging away from my body and not coming down correctly, coming over the top slightly. The angle of my divots were the giveaway as they were all pointing left. The pro has changed my swing so I'm swinging back more on the inside but need to work on coming back down on the correct line. I'm now hooking it as I'm still coming over the top slightly although my divots are now far better. I need to feel like I'm pulling the club back down on the inside with a high finish rather than coming round myself. This is proving quite tricky to crack but it's early days! I'm going to work on it so hopefully I will improve with some time on the practice area and playing a few holes across the week. My biggest worry is that I fall back into a bad habit I had a few years back of swinging back too much on the inside rather than the nice big arc I was practicing this morning. Hopefully that all makes sense!
  6. I'm pleased it's not just me going through this!
  7. I typed a reply out yesterday but couldn't reply as I had hit my limit of 7 messages I had never realised this about Tom Lehman and did some reading - it proved very interesting! Obviously I'm nowhere near his level but I see why he struggled. I don't want to tempt fate but think that I have pretty much cracked 5 iron to wedge, anything bigger is a lottery! It either goes straight or has a massive slice. And this is where the mental block is and it's constantly on my mind. I know a lot of it is in my head because it tends to be on the same holes so am not sure whether or not I'm simply steering the ball/not finishing my swing properly as I'm expecting to do it. I play off 9 but am currently 5 or 6 worse than that but there are a lot of positives: - more pars - creating more birdie chances - on the whole, I spray it a lot less. The downside is the 4 or 5 holes where I'm walking off with a double bogey, or worse, as a result of one wild shot. And that is killing me. The weekend being a prime example where on the back 9 I was going decent until I went double bogey, birdie, double bogey, double bogey...all through one mistake on each hole from the tee box. I've got the winter to work on it so will see how it goes. I will definitely look at going back to my old way of swinging if I can't crack it.
  8. Interesting, thanks. I've never had a problem drawing (or hooking) the ball in the past so this is a whole new world. I do wonder if I am simply being too hard on myself.
  9. Thanks everyone. I hit the practice area and was striking the ball lovely but an ever so slight left to right. My left to right really comes into play on my hybrids and driver although I managed to hit quite a few straight with my hybrid. I was tinkering a bit so not sure if it was luck or me fixing the issue! I've booked another lesson for the weekend so fingers crossed.
  10. That's the one! Brilliant, thank you so much! I searched for it but couldn't find anyone using this technique. I think I know where I'm going wrong so time to watch some videos and hit the practice area later today.
  11. I've been getting a few lessons from a local pro and have since been hitting the ball with a slight fade, previously always hitting a draw in my 30 years of playing. In fact hitting a fade/slice was something I could never do. The thing that has puzzled me following my lessons is the line I should follow when taking my iron head away from the ball on the initial part of the backswing. To give a little history, I was previously in a bad habit of breaking my wrists on the initial movement away from the ball. I think this is something which crept up on me over time and got gradually worse so I was pulling everything left. To correct this, the pro had me swinging straight back over a tee peg that was several foot behind the ball (if the ball is the middle of a clock then going back over 3 on the clock face). This has given me what I feel is a more out to in swing and I not hit a slight fade on most shots. My irons aren't too bad as it's mostly very controlled but I'm hitting some wicked slices with my driver as I am struggling to hold the line on the downswing and looping round over the top. I now find it impossible to hit a draw with an iron or driver. Hopefully that makes sense! What are peoples thoughts on this? Should I continue with going back over what feels like 3 o'clock or should I look at changing this? I'm tempted to try another pro but don't want too many people tinkering with my swing and haven't got the money to keep throwing at it... Thanks
  12. Thanks for taking the time to reply - plenty to think about. I have read reviews where people have commented on the forgiveness of my current clubs. I was brought up on blades but would like a more forgiving club as every little helps! The i10s do need working hard and I often wonder whether my poorer shots would have been better with a different set. The ping IE1 irons could be an interesting option but one concern is that they might balloon up as the reviews I've read suggest a high ball flight. The shaft could be a factor here I suppose. I've had a quick look and there are plenty of affordable sets available and, the advantage of my set being so old, is that practically anything is an upgrade. I would have a gap to fill if I can't get a 3 iron in the set but can work round this in the meantime. The price also allows me to budget a little more on the driver and the G series looks like a good shout with the lower loft. Plenty to think about. One thing that does puzzle me and my Googling skills let me down. Does anyone know if the ping IE1 irons follow the old or new colour chart? (after further looking it looks like the old chart). Thanks again. Your help is very much appreciated as my knowledge of different clubs is not great.
  13. Hi all, Thanks for reading. I recently stumbled across this forum and have spent a long time looking through various posts and am hoping for some help myself. I'm looking at upgrading my gear which is getting on but I'm very much on a budget so can't afford the latest tech. I've included what I currently have in my bag below. I do have a bit of a thing for Ping as they suit my game and give me confidence. Driver; Ping i15 (9.5 degree) stiff Flex Proforce 69 Series Shaft. 3 wood; Callaway Great Big Bertha. Rarely used as I prefer the longer irons. Irons; 3 to SW Ping i10. I think these are also stiff shafts. An old 60 degree lob wedge that I've had since I was a junior 20+ years. Putter; Odyssey 2ball With two young children, I don't get out as much as I used to but have joined a course closer to home so am starting to get back into it. My handicap over the years has always been 9 or 10. At the minute I'm playing a few over this but mainly due to a few bad holes caused by the odd wild drive (big slice which I've had a lesson to fix so working on that) and poor short game; the latter which needs nothing more than some time on the chipping green. I don't have a lot of money so was thinking that since my gear is so old any upgrade would be of benefit. It's probably worth mentioning that I also hit quite a high ball so don't want a club where the ball balloons up into the air. My thinking was to replace the driver and irons: Newer driver; something like the Ping i25 (9.5 degree with stiff shaft) Newer irons; i200 (4 to UW). Some sort of 56 degree wedge. A couple of Ping i25 hybrids. One to give me the 3 iron distance and the other to bridge the gap between the 3 wood. What do people think about this? Appreciate I'm replacing old with old but am I missed anything obvious? Thank you...
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