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  1. And they just put this unboxing video for the fli hi
  2. based off my experience getting paired with lots of strangers at the local muni, that window where you can get stopping power from a trad loft but not a jacked loft is too small to describe many people at all. edit: also ive seen you on a lot of other posts when i google search within wrx. Your name+avatar are funny so i always notice when its you.
  3. I just DIY switched a shaft yesterday. Today I realized my old one had a tip weight that I didn't transfer over, and so I pulled the shaft out again and fixed it. DIY switching shafts is so easy I have 2 sets of the same irons right now. I think I'm gonna use 5,6,7 in the back up set as shaft testers. Probably just for fun, just as a phase. Are there any tips and tricks to make shaft tinkering more enjoyable? Are 5, 6, and 7 irons too different to use them for comparisons?
  4. re: too much heat in one spot, thats def possible. Its a broken shaft so i went full yolo into it. My only tool is the torch and an oven mitt. No puller no vice I even twisted (it was reflex and i immediately knew i messed up). With the adaptable hosels these days i dont really feel the need to reflect on what i did wrong, i wont be using graphite in irons for another 20 years. ty for reassuring me on the s300 dimples! putting my s taper in now
  5. i got a butane torch similar to that one from habor freight messed up on a 983k that had a graphite shaft. I must have melted the shaft on the first go. The 4 iron worked fine, s300 steel. Took it slower and it took 2 cycles before it came off but it was easy are these little dimples on the shaft tip normal? Came out of an mp32 and the $ taper pull i bought doesnt have them edit: the dimple was on both s300 that i pulled. Pictures of ebay pulls dont seem to have them but these are over 15 years old. theyre evenly spaced so ima assume dg makes them like that from factory
  6. can i pull this off with a torch lighter from a gas station?
  7. Where? Was it on the video from over a month ago?
  8. are those aftermarket hosels?
  9. my old clubs arnt horribly fitted (at least i dont think so) but they are lofted 1 degree weaker than even what traditional is today. I had 94 on the optimizer, it thinks my PW should go 144, IRL with a 47* MP32 I go 115
  10. Has anyone gone all the way through the optimizer to the wedges? itll give you an estimate of your distances for all your wedges, including the set PW Mine was about 30 yards further than i actually carry my PW in real life. Is the optimizer pretty bad about this stat or am I really underperforming my irons?
  11. thank you for the informational response. I read it carefully but tried not to let it bias my experience when trying them. I'll probably end up going with numbers only since feel is so marginal to me
  12. I had a dream I bought 221s off ebay. They arrived and the shafts had hinges so you could fold the clubs and the club heads were all different colors. It was a rip off. I went to the ebay office and told them it was not as advertised but the seller was tied to the Chinese government and there was nothing I could do.
  13. what were your criteria in fitting yourself? did you try the tour Vs before the fitting?
  14. and you were fine on the 6.5 for a long time?
  15. i really wish they one day make sales numbers public lol. I could see it making no difference, but it could also make a significant difference. Its not like you have to get the 221 or else play taylormades. Most people who give a s*** about pre release already have older mizunos
  16. is the wrist/elbow pain on the c tapers pretty universal? Ive seen it reported by a few people in every thread but Idk if everyone else who tried it is just avoiding stating the obvious, or if it didnt hurt them I can barely feel a difference between Project x 6.5, $ taper, and x100 x100 and $ taper i can feel the club kick a moment before/through impact. I like it. But I am otherwise pretty shaft blind. i can def feel a difference between c taper and the rest, but hitting <70 shots or so at the shop between all 4 of these shafts i dont get any pain. It feels rock solid but not in a bad way to me, but Ive dealt with wrist pain before as a TEEN, when i was practicing a lot on s300s, so id probably be more prone to it now in my late 20s. Currently pain free though on the same s300s playing over 3 rounds a week for 4 months Numbers between all 4 are pretty similar, with $ taper barely higher in peak than C, and x100 spinning a decent amount more I am leaning towards $ taper, because Im afraid of the c taper eventually heading to pain or even wearing out my body over the years without acute pain. Px 6.5 didnt feel nearly as stiff but people say its similar to c taper so im just avoiding the pair. x100 spun higher. Anyone got advice for me?
  17. has the 5 iron MB been sold? edit: my bad, i searched the classifieds and i didnt realize the archive posts show up there too
  18. I've been to cool clubs irvine for a driver fitting and it was a great facility. TP5 balls IIRC, trackman, and the fitting area is under shade.
  19. I'm gaming the 32s right now actually lol. I just bought a 2nd set in great condition last night just to have as a back up, i love these clubs and they have sentimental value I'm gonna give the 221s a chance to wow me and i might get 20s with $ taper if they come up for sale. I just missed a guy selling mp32s with s tapers in them for under 300$. That was a unicorn
  20. Hello. I usually go "site:forums.golfwrx.com something review". Made an account to ask some questions and like-react to posts lol. I have a question, I'm not sure if it should go under shafts as all those posts are just reviews. Has anyone used a demo iron head with a shaft adapter? They sell these (https://www.ebay.com/itm/233875960023?autorefresh=true) and you can buy a demo head with the screw in it as well. Would this make it easier to try out shafts as they come out? Are all the other people who try out shafts doing DIY? I managed to find a reddit post talking about it. You can't put normal shafts into a demo head, and youd need an adapter for each shaft or youd be reattaching the adapter to each shaft you try. I think Ill watch some DIY videos, doesn't sound that hard to change the shaft yourself on a normal head for tinkering purposes
  21. Thank you guys for your insight. I'm trying to weigh 800ish bucks for good MP20s or just get a brand new set of irons for the first time. Gotta meditate on how I feel about the script
  22. Do you guys think used MP 20s will get cheaper on ebay/2ndswing after the 221s come out?
  23. which older MP blades? Other than MP5
  24. Hey bro did you ever put the $ taper back in?
  25. I mean.. haven't they? Aside from the copper plating, which came from old irons anyway. Feels like every reviewer, or even Chris when he talks to reviewers, all but say a blades a blade. He'll openly say the changes are subtle. Thats code for "if you're loaded, go ahead buy the latest and flex" and if you're budget conscious, dont bother I have a set of MP32 that I've had for over 13 years lol.The 18s and 20s I've tried feel about the same. I'm not convinced blades have changed much after CAD became commonplace. If I go with the 221s itll be because they look good and I want brand new clubs. But if I dont like the way they look I'm going to try to find MP5's or MP18s because I dont like the look of the MP20s and they might as well be the same club to most people
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