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  1. What are the choice golf course to play in the US side? I’m new to the area to and live close to the border
  2. I believe the chipping yips are cause from players try to get to cute with short chips and try to make a finesse stroke And their setup is not correct for short chips and setup for a long chip why not make a putting stroke either with putter or a lower lofted clubs
  3. Funny. I was watching MLB this summer and my wife who doesn’t watch much sports ask me why there were so many Latino players with Spanish names I didn’t really have an answer. Guess in some countries it’s their sport
  4. I never really understood why the arc path should relate to choice of how much toe hang putter you should use Seem more common sense that the weight on the toe contributes to face rotation Shouldn’t someone that has too much /too little face rotation relative to their path look into changing the amount of toe hang. Rather than looking at how much arc you have?
  5. How do you know you have strong arc mid there way of measuring it?
  6. Taking practice swing in the bunker without incurring penalty. I think this would be a not be possible to pass What can’t a player make a practice swing to test the bunker? Players take practice swings all the time when not in a hazard
  7. I focus on the dimples especially on short putts cause it’s possible to hit the edge of dimple and ball goes offline
  8. Have you been tried? Satisfied with the service?
  9. Anyone know places for putting fitting in Vancouver ?
  10. Not worse shot but funny. In the driving range and sudden see lower part of a driver fly about 25 yards It looked that a guy snapped the head of driver and it flew down the driving range. He waved at people to stop hitting ball and ran down the field get his club must have been embarrassing as everyone stopped and watched him run to get his club.
  11. I’m happy to report I m able to claw smoothly up to 35 feet I had a mental block at 10 feet After some trial and error and learning to use backstroke length rather “hit” am I more confident I feel I may be able to try that stroke on the course next what putter are you using ? I’m finding a flow neck odessay 9 works well for this type of stroke.
  12. put in the driver last season and meh results I prefer thinner grip in my driver as I release my hands However I like the feel in my irons but not as thick. HAve midsize with 4 wraps inthose
  13. I prefer Face balance and mallet I want as little face rotation as possible. I believe in Moi. I don’t alway make contact on the sweet spot on the putter.
  14. I rather score well. The more tournaments I play the more I realize that great putting and chipping can gut out a decent score despite an inconsistent swing
  15. It’s not uncommon to have one stroke for shorter putts and another stroke for longer putts. Lydia Ko switch from cross hand to conventional depending whether it was short or long
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