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  1. Nah you’re not missing anything. I went to the garage to make sure I wasn’t crazy. But these are the digger/drivers from Scratch. They look pretty straight.
  2. Its a good question because you're right. Typically diggers are better with a rounded edge. I'm super steep with all of my clubs too, but for some reason I prefer the straighter leading edge on my wedges. The Scratch wedges were super straight and now every club I look at just looks so rounded. Hard to get used to.
  3. I went to a few stores this morning to look at some of the suggestions. So far, to me, the MG2 TW grind is the straightest.
  4. Would it be worth it for me to try and trade them on the classifieds? I doubt I’m good enough to know the difference. If there is value in them I would trade for two dozen ProV1s.
  5. Im going to upgrade my wedges this winter and have been looking at a few different options and grinds. Seems like all of the OEM’s have mostly rounded leading edges which I do not like the look of. My favorite wedges that I’ve ever used were the Scratch Digger/Driver grind wedges but unfortunately they were shelved a long time ago and I don’t think getting them refinished is an option since I’m looking for a 56/60 and they are 53/58. I did see that Cleveland will customize the grind on the zip cores but I’m not sure how straight theyd go. Callaway also has a limited edition JAWS forged wedge but i can’t find one to look at. For the golfers that like a straighter leading edge on your wedge, what are you using?
  6. No certificate unfortunately. i got them from someone who goes to the factory in Chicopee.
  7. I was given a dozen of these after a round of golf a few weeks ago. Does anyone know anything about them? Note the dash in between Chrome and Soft on the ball.
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