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  1. Thanks again to all who replied - especially to those who has provided your detailed thinking behind, and those who started "late" like me who has provided some meaningful reference points for me.Strongly reinforces my intention to work on my swing. And for those who said I'm swinging too light, yes, I feel I had to hold back when swinging (otherwise driving accuracy drops drastically such that I'll lose maybe 80% of the balls). The resetting / rewiring takes time, so in this case - I will have to experiment, verify and progress from that. A progress report in one or two quarters.
  2. Thank you all for your responses! so summarising a few feedback: 1) I’m playing probably at the bottom of my potential (yes, that’s my suspicion too!) 2) some has raised questions about my coach - potentially that could be the case. In the first 2-3 months he kept asking me to get fit (aware he is also a ping ‘ambassador’ / has affiliation with 3) I’m certain I have swing faults - till date I have trouble using 6 iron consistently (not to mention long irons - impossible to launch for me). Will need to practise more and get better quality advices. Aware 1.5 years might be a short time in golf (and it took me a year to reduce using hands to swing the club - yes I’m a slow learner) That said already in love with this game. Appreciate all of you veterans who gave feedback. Targeting to give an update to this group perhaps in 6 months (if I can find a new coach for some second opinion!)
  3. Hi, I am a new golfer who has learnt the game for about 1.5 year. Hitting the driving range every other week, and on-course 9-hole every other week. Have a professional coach who I have sessions with every 3 weeks. 5 ft 8 tall, occasionally play football / soccer. 32 years old. What frustrates me is the driving distance - as titled best driving distance is 160 yd (can hit this distance ~60% of the time, i.e. the 'better' shots), 7 iron around 105 yd (80% of the time). For irons I'm already using super game improvement models (TaylorMade R7 CGB Max). Driver is Honma XP-1. Aware this forum is full of veterans - Anyone of you have gone through transformations with a starting point as low as mine? Any success stories would be appreciated and inspirational.
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