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  1. So if you wanted to play them Straight in std Length you’d have to extend the 6 Iron Shaft ?
  2. I’d be Disappointed as well ! Especially after spending that kinda $$ on a 5 wood ! Not that it matters which club it is !! They might want to Rethink their Warranty Services ! Good Luck in your Search !
  3. I personally would like to see them do a Test on Steel Irons shafts to see if there’s any difference there ! As others have stated the Accra Shafts do have very tight tolerances. Just my 2 Cents ! Happy Holidays Boys Stay Safe out there
  4. I have the Exact Same Putter !!! What a Beauty !! Puts Great Roll on the Ball if you like Heavier heads this is the Cream of the Crop GLWS
  5. TM M5 Tour ! Great Driver ! Beautiful to look at !! Great Sound Too !! IMHO
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