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  1. Don't discount what he said about turning 50 and getting a cart. Competition is what he craves and beating up on Phil, Furyk and all those guys again might just keep him going.
  2. Any one of us could've beat those two today. Any One of us
  3. I'd love to see Spieth and JT in this kind of format. The banter would be
  4. Beautiful set. That baby blue bag is straight sex!
  5. 1. Fort Worth, Texas 2. Current Driver: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 10.5 3. Handicap: 19.4 How could a Cleveland Launcher XL Lite driver help your game: The lighter weight will help me with my swing speed. Trying to add distance while maintaining same swing mechanics.
  6. My 4i is 20 so above that I game a 17 hybrid, 14.5 3w and a 10 Driver. Been dialing in the gaps but so far so good.
  7. I use that same tip and have no problems with it.
  8. If you can't break 100 on your home course after 10 tries you have to switch to tennis.
  9. Played 6 a few times when we had two groups of 3 but never for the whole round. Usually just got together somewhere on the back to finish up. 5 is the most I've played an entire round with.
  10. Face it, we all have bad GAS. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)
  11. Rahm just looks so dense and solid. Wonder if Rory could bench press him.
  12. I think about this all the time.
  13. Noticing some of the US caddies sporting crew socks at the Ryder cup. My 19 year old son wears them and laughs at my no shows. Anybody bit the bullet and gamed a pair?
  14. I'm a 20 but I love the clothes so I guess I'm a bit guilty of looking pro but playing meh. A spiffy new shirt or cap is almost as fun as a new club
  15. Greater San Antonio/Hill country area of Texas is awesome in the winter with plenty of great course options.
  16. Long time lurker who finally decided to join. This place is almost overwhelming in its sheer amount of information. Glad to be here (oficially).
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