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  1. I'm having a hard time finding a pair of joggers that fit well. I'm 5'9 and just under 200 lbs. I've bought Adidas, TravisMathew and Birddogs in their suggested sizes and they all end up being too long and in TM's case, too long and too baggy. Any suggestions on a good brand?
  2. This is my most go to reliable shoe especially when it's wet out. I love the feel of it and how I feel balanced throughout it.
  3. I like the ZG21 Motions and the white and red 360 infinity BOAs. Bought my first pair of Tour360s this year and love them.
  4. Hey yall, long time first time. Houston resident here. Been playing recreationally for about 8 years. Hoping to get down to a single digit handicap one day, but until then I'll keep enjoying the cold beers.
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