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  1. Adding 6 grams of weight to your driver shouldn't slow your SS down. 6 grams is 2/10 of an ounce.
  2. None. I'll play any brand that works for me.
  3. He withdrew after the round. For a while he was heading toward 90 as he was +12 after 11. Possible his wrist injury from earlier this year is still bothering him. He hasn't played well since mid October after b2b 2nd place finishes. 8 events played. 2 WD. Best finish of T36 in the other 6.
  4. I would think so. Good article on his shaft switch. https://golf.com/gear/rory-mcilroy-iron-shafts-genesis-wall-to-wall/
  5. I can't find it now but I read earlier this afternoon but the reason he was taken to UCLA Harbor is that it's the only Level 1 (highest level) trauma center in that part of the city. The closest hospital to the accident may not have been designated as a trauma center.
  6. This accident makes what Tiger said Sunday in the booth a bit spooky even though it was said under a different context. https://golf.com/news/tour-confidential-max-homa-riviera-country-club-usga-mike-whan/ When asked whether he’d be healthy for the Masters in seven weeks, Woods said, “God I hope so. I’ve got to get there first.
  7. CNN reported Woods was taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Center.
  8. So Brooks shoots 77 at Riviera Saturday then found time to suit up for the Lakers Saturday night?
  9. The ball was never hard up against the tree. Camera angle made it appear that way. See pictures below or check the video. See pictures below.
  10. Part of the Shotlink system the tour uses.
  11. Nantz play golf in college at the University of Houston. Teammate with Fred Couples.
  12. Or on occasion an original Diamana 103x Blueboard.
  13. Were you playing in this recent event at Rustic Canyon in the 40+ mph winds? Crazy. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/southern-california-amateur-event-wind-conditions
  14. Correct. And the one player that that didn't made bogey from the fairway.
  15. Simple solution. Don't watch it at all. Solves all of your "problems". I'm sure when you were an active sports writer not all of your readers agreed with your pablum.
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