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  1. grm24

    Morning Drive?

    My bad so sorry Hawk to post facts. I know for many here facts are frowned upon. Incorrect Stephen A Smith hot style takes are the preferred medium these days. I'll keep up the good fight though!
  2. Your defanged feline is washed. Get used to it.
  3. If Tiger's 6 under today was promising what do you consider Richy Werenski's 61 today? Better than most?
  4. So how many fighter jets have you picked off on an approach shot there? Hitting one plane would have been better than a HIO! My home course in high school had a decommissioned Nike missile site on the outside perimeter of the course. We were able to to go down into the abandoned launch batteries as they were wide open for a while. Western PA back in those days (early 80's) had multiple closed Nike missile sites in the area. That site was remediated some time later and is now a giant paved over parking lot for a local business. Story time and threadja
  5. The extra layer between the Z-Star and Z-Star XV is negligible from a cost production standpoint. Pennies per ball if that. Srixon sells their Z-Star line at the same price points. No price difference even when they sell their Z-Star line for $20/dozen. Same deal for Titleist, Bridgestone, Taylormade, Callaway, etc, etc. It's economy of scale. Using your logic/theory that extra layers between golf balls costs more doesn't that mean that the entire current TM TP5 line should be more expensive than every other golf ball produced today? Or Maxfli under the DSG/GG banner ha
  6. This is going to be a Tiger meme very very soon.
  7. Why is it dumb? It's an allowed local rule by the R&A/USGA for many many years that most courses enact when permanent overhead powerlines are in the line of play. The player under the ROG has no choice but to replay the original shot from as close as possible to the original shot w/o penalty. If the local rule is not in place then the player is SOL and has to play it as it lies.
  8. In general yes however I'll offer you the opposite scenario. Callaway's Pre-owned Ebay store. There are many times the exact same club on their Ebay Store is lower priced (sometimes significantly) including free shipping than what's on their regular e-commerce site.
  9. No doubt. I'm the same way. Play whatever works for you. Regardless of what others think. End of discussion. Few people actually follow that advice. Plenty of vanity involved with what people think they "should" play. Way too many people here and other places continually play equipment that doesn't fit them at all. So many people play ill fitting gear based on off the cuff opinions of others that have zero in common with their own swing instead of actually trying clubs out for themselves. Then people bad mouth ill fitting equipment that was never right for then in the f
  10. No kidding. Few people here likely know anything about the irons you are talking about.
  11. TaylorMade M3 3 wood. 139cc.
  12. grm24

    Morning Drive?

    Golf Channel employees have not been allowed in their building due to GC employees joining a class action lawsuit against Lockheed Martin. https://clubhouse.swingu.com/lifestyle/golf-channel-employees-join-lawsuit-lockheed-martin-orlando-headquarters-closed-for-investigation-toxic-waste-environmental-nightmare/ https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/environment/os-ne-lockheed-martin-orlando-lawsuit-20200928-7x242mvddzfidig47zx276ivvm-story.html https://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2020/10/5/golf-channel-headquarters-closed-for-investigation-out-of-an-abun
  13. He didn't meeting the qualifying criteria for this season. Odd that the defending champion would not be exempt.
  14. Yes. As Titleist have done multiple times since the Pro-V1x became part of the Pro-V1 line up.
  15. Do you belong to a country club at home? If so see if your pro can get you on The Reserve Club (Greg Norman design), Wachesaw Plantation Club (Fazio Design but not the same course as Wachesaw East), or DeBordieu Club (Pete Dye). These are all private clubs near True Blue/Caledonia in the Pawleys Island area and better than most courses on the south end.
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