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  1. The same thing easily be said for Inbee Park. One of the greatest female golfers of all time but can barely hit her tee shots out of her own shadow. Inbee is shorter off the tee than Lydia.
  2. Aditi Ashok finally breaks 71 on the LPGA Tour for the first time in an individual round since the start of July at the VOA and only for the 2nd time since April. Per some of the esteemed astute LPGA experts here wasn't her 4th place Olympic finish going to propel her to new heights on the LPGA Tour?
  3. Check the DJ day 1 RC recap below from espn.com. Can anyone or everyone spot the most obvious error in the snippet of the article posted below? These are the types of idiotic errors that happen when you have a college football writer covering a high level golf event. Even the god awful "reporter" from ESPN Michael Collins wouldn't have screwed up this bad.
  4. And Kelly Kraft has been so successful since he beat Cantlay in the US Am finals. TBH most people remember Cantlay mud stomping the PGA Tour over the last month. Have your actually been paying attention? But hey great job by you trolling every thread tonight and running your post count up!
  5. This was announced a couple of hours ago. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/rory-mcilroy-will-not-play-saturday-ryder-cup-first-time-career
  6. Ancer got his wish and got beat down. While this is an edited video it's still funny to watch. https://golf.com/news/abe-ancer-clarifies-tiger-woods-comments/ “Abe wanted it, he got it.”
  7. More pictures of the 503.i So much better looking than the 503.h https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/team-titleist/f/canada/14116/titleist-prototype-forged-503i-utility-iron
  8. Same as people suggesting TPC Sawgrass for the RC. As if the PGA Of America would let one of it's crown jewel events be contested on a PGA Tour owned property. It seems there are still people that can not ascertain that the PGA of America and the PGA Tour are not the same organization.
  9. It would be great. Unfortunately for a place like Carnoustie (amongst all of the other great/well known courses on the continent) is that they can not afford to pay the crazy sums of money that of all the crazy wealthy owners of courses that continually host the RC in Europe do. And the ET is unapologetic about it as those monies fund a great deal for the ET.
  10. Better than BDC. Easily. BDC in 2018 RC and 2019 PC .... 0-4-1 Brooks in 2016 RC, 2018 RC and 2017 PC .... 7-5-1
  11. 1991 worked out okay at Kiawah for the RC in late September.
  12. Both PH2 and Shinnecock are aligned solely with the USGA for major events going forward. PH2 along with Oakmont and Merion were recently announced by the USGA as the first few anchor sites of a rotation of classic courses to host numerous USGA championships for many years (2050) to come. In future years the PGA Championship and RC (2041) will be held at its new facility being constructed in Frisco, Texas.
  13. What part of the PGA of America literally owns the Ryder Cup don't you understand? The RC is not some random weekly PGA Tour event. The PGA Tour just can't decide to waltz in and take over control of the RC like it was an eminent domain property. When the what is now PGA Tour broke away from the PGA of America in 1968 the new PGA Tour had the option of taking the RC or the World Series of Golf with it in the split. The PGA Tour chose the WSOG.
  14. Sure there was. Complete BS. The RC is the PGA of America's largest cash cow. The US team could lose the next 10 consecutive RC and it wouldn't change anything. That said the PGA of America OWNS the RC. Why would that change? As always follow the money.
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