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  1. I read the OP's post as the exact same club he got rid of with the same serial number or markings.
  2. Package arrived on Sunday. Checked the tracking after it was delivered. Showed package was delivered but was still picked up in Indiana LOL!
  3. Yes. Tour issue TM R580XD TP driver. Weren't many made in left hand. Sold it on Ebay. Couple years later saw one listed on Ebay and bought it. Knew it was the one I had sold as there was a particular mark on the clubhead. Still have it.
  4. I read a few years back it was Washington. Not sure how accurate that is now.
  5. One of the issues confronting PGA Tour players is this. If a PGA Tour member takes up membership in one of these leagues they lose their PGA Tour membership possibly forever per PGA Tour regulations that was approved by the players. From May of this year. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/31394037/phil-mickelson-bash-super-league-others-do PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan met with players Tuesday night at Quail Hollow in a previously scheduled meeting at which the PGL was part of the discussion. According to several players, Monahan made it clear that joining the PGL would mean an automatic suspension from the PGA Tour and the possibility of a permanent expulsion. According to a PGA Tour official, such an action is part of the tour's regulations and has been approved by the players. And there is a whole host of other issues that players jumping to the new leagues might need to consider that have been brought up in other threads on this subject. Can players jumping to a new league get OWGR points in their events? Can they still play in majors and WGC events? Can they go back to their home tour? What happens if the player can not play a mandated event? If a player on the new tours has an awful season are they out after a season or two what and happens if the player has no tour to go back to? The majors can ban former champions and current players that jump from their events if they so choose. The founding OWGR family cabal has a huge advantage over any of the new "leagues" in that they are made up of the two most important tours in the world (PGA/ET), the four majors and the WGC's. They can all change their rules as the please to disallow players that jump to ever play their events again. And more importantly if a "tour" earns world ranking points. While there are many other professional tours around the world that participate in the OWGR the first family founding 7 control it all. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  6. And non profits organizations are allowed to have a "profit".
  7. At least for this week. He missed the cut with them last week. He is playing the ZOZO PGA Tour event in Japan this week which is a no cut small field event. So he will get 4 rounds of play. Will be interesting to see of he can follow it up with another good week.
  8. First list is out of what players have qualified for the 2022 Masters which is subject to continual change. Nothing really of note who is playing however the current list of who is not playing is interesting. Partial list below. https://www.si.com/golf/news/2022-masters-tournament-field-list-qualifiers
  9. grm24

    CJ Cup 2021

    Rory moves to number 8 in the new OWGR. Fowler goes from 128th to 82nd. Excellent strength of field for the event.
  10. Valderrama, where the European Tour played this week, had a winning score of 6 under. Course barely plays over 7,000 yards (7,028). Longer courses aren't always the answer. See Erin Hills for the US Open. Played around 7,800 yards and the winning score was 16 under.
  11. The alleged Tennessee Volunteer "fans" that took part in the disgusting debacle that took place at the end of the game at Neyland Stadium tonight against Ole Miss suck. Completely embarrassing. WTF were those a'holes thinking? Explains why UT fans are generally considered the worst fan base in college football. While it won't happen the SEC and the university president should shut down the football program for the rest of the season at a minimum. Doesn't matter how much the alleged "fan" base doesn't care for Lane Kiffin. Act like adults. Stay classy Knoxville.
  12. Here is my current odd Fed Ex delivery tracking. Note the Sunday October 17th delivery date below, which was delayed from Saturday the 16th, but has already been picked up for delivery early in the future on Monday morning October 18th in Indiana again where the package started. Current tracking below shows the package in suburban Columbus, OH on its way to the destination of the Pittsburgh area on Sunday the 17th. Crazy stuff. The upcoming holiday season with product shortages everywhere and continued shipping issues across all carriers is going to be another mess.
  13. Weak. Your attempt at humor is found quite lacking.
  14. They are. And the best well engineered expensive putter in the hands of the most skilled craftsmen in the world this still happens.
  15. Nothing this week. Last week, when he saw Rickie twice and then Rickie missed the cut, Harmon mentioned he was swinging fine and didn't really help him with his game. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/welcome-butchs-frat-house-tour-players-enjoy-time-legend-vegas
  16. Great memory. Before the 48" club length was implemented in the ROG Emilee Klein played a 50" driver. She is 5'4". She won 3 times on the LPGA Tour including the women's Open Championship when it was not considered a major. By 7 shots. Article from 1997. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1997-02-10-9702090269-story.html More importantly, there is length. Klein prides herself on accuracy, but she is short. She carries five woods and a 50-inch driver. Robbins is one of the tour's longest hitters. She routinely drives 260 yards or longer and outhits partners dramatically off the tee. And that turned out to be the difference Sunday. Klein scrambled for par on the first playoff hole, the par-4 18th, by sinking a 10-foot putt. Robbins sank a four-foot putt to extend the playoff, her second testy save at the hole (she forced the playoff by making a five-foot par save to close her round). But at the second playoff hole, the 370-yard par-4 10th, Robbins outdrove Klein by 55 yards. And it didn't hurt that Robbins was in the middle of the fairway with her 95-yard sand-wedge approach, while Klein had a hanging, sidehill lie from the right rough 150 yards out.
  17. grm24

    CJ Cup 2021

    To be fair Rickie visited Butch twice the week of the Shriner's event in which he missed the cut. So did Butch's presence last week cause Rickie to miss the cut? Or was that a coincidence?
  18. grm24

    CJ Cup 2021

    Butch said he didn't help Fowler with his game. Said Rickie was swinging fine.
  19. Very sad news. Best wishes to Casey.
  20. grm24

    CJ Cup 2021

    And 10 3's on the card for the round. Bonkers!
  21. Great trolling by the OP and people here have sucked it up. OP never gave any examples of why Lanny is bad in his eye and has not responded to his own thread with a justification to his original post. Y'all got played. Again. Especially after this thread was his first post in 8 months. Well done WRX.
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