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  1. I just purchased a pair of New Balance Striker V2 in wide and I love them. Comfortable right out of the box. They were $100 - best golf shoe i've found. I spend an afternoon trying on different shoes while I was in Myrtle and these were the best feeling ones for me.
  2. I work for a small (3 branch) community bank doing loans and indirect dealership lending.
  3. Thank you all! I think im going to get some oil and keep it oiled up. I appreciate your input. What is everyones preference on oil? Gun oil, silicone spray, baby oil?
  4. Just for curiosity sake, what would this putter in this condition sell for, roughly?
  5. I purchased a set of Titleist irons from a buddy of mine and this Scotty putter was in the bag. I used the putter in a tournament locally this weekend, and loved the feel. I think I would like to look into getting it refinished, but I’m not sure if it is necessary. Aesthetically, it really bothers me, plus I’d really like to have a site line added. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m just interested in opinions if you’ve done it before, or whether it’s too far gone to be brought back to being aesthetically pleasing. I’ve only let it soak in some warm water with dish soap and scrubbed with a toothbrush thus far. Are there home remedies that could potentially make it better? I just feel like the finish needs to be redone. I appreciate your help!
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