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  1. I think it is an awesome idea to get rid of the 4 iron and replace it with a 4 hybrid.. the longest iron i have in my bag is a 6 iron.. I have a 4 and 5 hybrid to replace my 4 and 5 iron and that was the best decision i have ever made.. hybrids are more forgiving and goes a little farther than long iron.. you will always strike the ball better with a hybrid than a long iron..
  2. I am looking to upgrade my driver. Currently have Taylormade SIM 2 Max and want to get PXG Gen 4 0811 XF driver.. Does anyone have experience hitting the pxg gen 4 0811 xf driver?? Are the distance, spin, forgiveness the same, better or worse as the the sim 2 max?? Thanks
  3. mikealex07

    PXG Irons

    I am interested in pxg irons but what is the difference between 0211(2021) and gen 3 0311P. Besides the fact that 0311 is forged and the 0211 is cast, is there any difference besides that??
  4. I am in the market for new irons.. I am considering two irons right now; Taylormade P790 (2021 version) or PXG 0311 P (Gen 3).. I like them both but am also interested in the pxg 0311 p (gen 4) but the price is a little out of my price range where as the gen 3 I can afford.. Any difference in the pxg gen 3 vs gen 4?? Thoughts on P790, pxg gen 3, pxg gen 4?? (only thing like i said the pxg gen 4 is a little out of my price range)
  5. mikealex07

    New Irons

    I’m in the market for new irons.. I am considering Taylormade P790(2021 version) and Tour Edge C721.. Which irons do you guys perfer?? Or should I try other irons?? Thoughts?? Thanks
  6. Im in the market for new irons.. The 2 irons that interest me is the Taylormade P790 (2021 version) and Tour Edge Exotics C721.. I like both irons but can decide.. Which irons do would you guys go with?? Thanks
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