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  1. Having been Lucky enough to have seen Ryder cup in both Countries US and Europe over the years So having to listen to Shouts of :- Get in the water Get in the rough Get in the bunker And worse I may add European player hits to 10 ft deathly silence followed by American player hits to 15 ft rapturous applause.... And I'm hearing nasty comments said to family members of Euro players whilst on the course ... The worst you will get from an honest true golf fan is a mention under his own breath for opponents ball to end up in trouble...Never shouting out loud for this, NEVER. Of course you want your home team to win .... I've been playing golf for 50 yrs and it's time for you to think long and hard and take a look at yourselves Etiquette is self explanatory Get a grip Grow up And pay some respect !!!!!! This is both sides of the Pond I'm talking about here .... But this yr was BAD !!!!!
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