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  1. So i ordered my launch pro through my pro (had a s*** ton of pro shop credit). Put the order in the day before presale and the bushnell rep said great, you are the first order for New England. Im thinking yah, ill be one of the first to get it. Talked to Bushnell yesterday, they said they are only filling online orders and i should expect it 1st quarter 2022. Woof
  2. Hey, we all saved $50 - ha. Also thought gold was 10 courses.
  3. If you buy the $800 gold package it says you will be able to use 3rd party software.
  4. I saw that too! Hopefully the same for Bushnell units.
  5. Well said. I just cant see a golf simulator being more taxing on a video card than modern video games.
  6. Cant believe there is still only 1 review up on YouTube.
  7. Ya, i guess that depends if they let you transfer your license. I have zero clue what they have done in the past, but my guess is they would not let you transfer the software side.
  8. Or just pay yearly and have the full package for 1 year for $3800. I agree the GC3 route doesn't make sense, Sure paying yearly will get you to the GC3 cost after 5 years or so, but at that point Im sure there will be better/cheaper options.
  9. Is that just the 2D range though? I tried finding FSX Mobile on the google play store and could not.
  10. Does anyone know if a gaming computer is needed for just the FSX range?
  11. I believe that came from me. I have been following closely and yesterday made the realization i have a friend that works for a subsidiary of foresights new parent company. I reached out and thats what they told me - GC3 $7k and all features unlocked. Launch Pro $3k with minimal features. Thinking the Launch pro is geared toward people that just want to play/practice at home, while the GC3 geared toward club fitters and teachers.
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