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  1. Curious as to if anyone's heard anything regarding new bag releases from PING or Sun Mountain in the 2022 new year. If you go to Sun Mountain's European website they have some cool bags that aren't available here yet. Also interested in PING bags. Any news... post here---------->
  2. So a little update as to what's in my bag... I ended up going with: G425 LST 9 Degree (Ventus Black 6S 1.25" Tipped, 0.5" short) G425 MAX 14.5 FW (Ventus Black 7S 1.25" Tipped, 0.5" short) G425 CrossOver 2 Iron (Aldila NV Green 85S 1.25" Tipped, 1.0" short) PING Blueprint 4-pw - 1 degree weak (Nippon 105X Hard Stepped Once, 0.25" short, Blue Dot) PING Forged Pro 53 std. bounce & 58TS I still have one spot available in my bag, I expect there to be a gap between my 24.5 degree 4 iron and the 18 degree 2 iron.... I'd like something that I can get landing with a steep angle that goes between 200-215 to fill that spot after the 4 iron. Let me know any suggestions... I was thinking a G425 19 Hybrid turned up a bit with the same shaft as the Crossover and maybe 0.25" longer
  3. What's the link to that website??? haha
  4. I'm glad I found this topic because I'm in the middle of a full bag transition back to PING. I've currently been fitted to the G425 LST Driver & G425 MAX 3 Wood and am trying to figure out the rest of my bag so I can put my order in through Modern Golf and wait ALL winter because of PING's extreme wait time (which I'm okay with because I ain't swinging much in the snow). I'm a pretty consistent iron player and consider it to be a strength of my game. I also hit very high shots with plenty of spin. I play to a 2-4 handicap, but that's usually because I have days where my putter suffers from the yips or I occasionally fade/slice a driver OB. Irons are pretty solid all around. I'm looking at going for: 1. Blueprints from 4-pw in exactly 4 degree progressions (starting at a retro-spec PW @ 48 and going all the way down to a 4 iron @ 24 degrees) or FULL RETRO SPEC because this essentially turns the 4 iron into a 5 iron and now the whole set is VERY playable-----> I don't place an emphasis on distance as having such a lofted PW will allow me to carry 2 specialty wedges (let's call it a 52/58 or 54/60) 2. I'd be looking at putting in either a i500 3 iron (power spec @ 17 degrees) OR a G425 Crossover 2 Iron ----------> Lots of wind where I play, and I need something to flight my usually high tee shots down so I don't get murdered 3. Sitting above the 3 wood and 2 iron and under the BP 4 iron, I'm looking for either a 19/22 hybrid or a 7 wood. This is mainly for shots out of the mild rough and landing the ball softly from 200-220 distance. Any thoughts? I would love some appropriate suggestions before heading into finish my fitting
  5. I should clarify a bit... I meant to ask what to expect CLUB RELEASE wise from the PGA Show. Whether that be in person or digital is of little importance to me anyways as I live outside of Toronto, Canada and won't be able to go either way. I was interested in getting a thread dedicated to discussing what are the almost 100% confirmed/rumoured club releases that should be debuting at the show.
  6. Hi WRXers, With the 2022 PGA Show soon approaching, I just wanted to start a thread regarding what is expected to be released. Please DON'T fill this thread with hopeless wishes of what you'd like to see. Please DO include items that have been talked about and/or confirmed to be coming, etc. I'm sure everyone is dying to get their hand on end of the year deals or wait for new releases to come out, so I though we'd dedicate a thread to this topic. Thanks & have fun!
  7. Only reason we're having this so called 'discussion' here is because there are a few displeased voices that just shout louder than the rest... Keep this thread on topic, or just go elsewhere!
  8. Gentlemen... at the end of the day someone's trash is another's treasure... I'm sure that as many people find these or other clubs beautiful (I definitely like the style of these), others will equally find them ugly... there's no problem with either of those opinions... Do I wish that the branding on the back was a little more minimal, probably yes, but will that stop me from purchasing a still beautiful iron from a brand that I love, probably not. Especially if the performance numbers support it.... Either was in this case, Mizuno isn't forcing you to buy the irons. If you don't like them then move on/ go to JPX, or wait years for new ones... My thoughts.... Great job Mizuno, I can't wait to hit these.... spread the love on this thread or move on to another one for the haters...
  9. I don't know your swing speed or consistency to comment on that, but you might share the same problem as me and many others. That is when my game is ON, I have no/little problem playing my 4/5 irons and hitting them well. The problem is on those OFF days when the swing isn't 110% and therefore having little confidence in the club. I think potentially that is where the 223's will shine, in that they'll 'help' you out a bit more on the less lofted end of the bag, all while looking exactly the same as the other clubs and not having to change looks from the back/top in having to do so. That is a big selling feature to me is having the irons flow and mesh nicely together. Nothing wrong with having a Frankenstein of a bag (if you hit it well = you hit it well), but being slightly OCD and visually I can't stomach that for my bag.
  10. I currently play a set of Srixon ZX7 irons (4-PW)... I must admit, I definitely love these clubs... well most of them. It's really nice that when you're playing well and throwing darts, others ask you "what the hell kind of irons are those?"... There's just something special about playing well with a relatively unknown brand... That being said, the carry distance of my irons really start to bunch up around the 4/5 and maybe even 6 mark. While I could just sub-in the ZX5 irons in that spot, I'm a bit of a brand snob (I like playing same irons throughout the set, something visually for me). That's where I'm looking for that extra help that the 223's offer in the stronger lofts to hep me get that ball along, but without sacrificing the entire set makeup... But the ZX7's are fantastic irons no doubt. I don't even -mind the slightly square thicker-ish top line on them as it just inspires confidence behind the ball. I just wish (for me) that I got along with the longer irons a bit better on my off days.
  11. Personally... I would like to see Mizuno do what Evnroll did to their putter line... This was to add interchangeable neck options to switch the same head (if you prefer that shape) into a slant neck/plumbers neck/mid-bend shaft. I think this would open up so many more options of head choices to those with different strokes vs. being stuck with a certain head that fits your stroke, but that you don't like the look of...
  12. =Flush-It-Fore ------------ changed to-------------> LookGood=FeelGood=PlayGood
  13. Everything in the iron market seems to go through waves, ups and downs, even when it comes to design. Are the 223's the sexiest irons ever made... no, but they're definitely a huge step in the right direction coming from the mule's a** that was the MMC's. I don't understand those who complain about sole width and blah blah blah of the 223's. Get the 221's then, assuming you're good enough to play them consistently, and stop complaining. The 223's are meant to be a little more forgiving, especially in the long irons (where us mortals need help most), hence the wider soles to accommodate the speed pocket. I personally think they killed the looks all around with these 3 models. I think they'll be a noticeable improvement with the 223 & 225, that being a slightly smaller package and all. I'm sure through Mizuno custom that you can add cool blue ferrules and all, and if you really hate the script, I'm sure with some research and elbow grease you could remove the paint fill from the back of the club altogether if you want a super clean, non distracting look (and maybe just put blue paint fill in the running bird) I'm personally curious about the main differences between the Fli-Hi vs. 225 in the 2 iron loft. I'll be ordering a ST-G driver, hopefully a ST-Z FW (if it doesn't spin too much on me), 2 iron, 4-PW 223's (or 225's if they don't go too high), and 2-3 T22 Denim Copper wedges. The wife is gonna be pissed, but hey -> look good... feel good... play good!
  14. I'm the Mizuno reveal, I asked vosh in the comments if they're considering doing a low-torque (think, Edel, Axis, LAB) putters... He said "that's interesting, I think Mizuno fans are in for a treat", but couldn't comment more than that
  15. In the recent Mizuno Pro 221/223/225 Irons & ST-G 220 Driver reveal on the Mizuno YouTube Channel, Vosh hinted to some upcoming releases/changes to the Mizuno M-Craft putter line.... Does anyone have any information on these??? Thx!!!
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