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  1. The dismal performance of the U.S. team over the past 20 years is not a U.S. issue. It's an issue of the following individuals not stepping up to perform for their team & country. I don't know why they've been terrible. Tiger: 13-21-3 (and he got to choose his partners) Phil: 18-22-7 Furyk: 10-20-4 Bubba Watson: 4-10-0 Curtis Strange: 6-12-2 Mark O'Meara 4-9-1 (self proclaimed as one of golf's greatest) Combined record: 55-94-17 Stricker was 3-7-1. I don't want any of these underperformers as captain, on television, or any where near the team. Old say, when you su*k, you su#k.
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