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  1. The X has always been draw biased. Personally I'll be interested to see how these differ from the current ST-Z and ST-X. To my eye, the only obvious difference is the weight seating: the current models have a standard circular weight, whereas these appear to have custom molded weights (increased MOI?). I'm also not sure whether there were any changes to the Beta-Ti face material from the ST-Z to the ST-G 220, so if there were they would probably show up here as well. I also hear that the ST-G 220 is deeper than the ST-Z, and a bit shorter from face to butt, so that could be another update. Hard to tell without side-by-side photos.
  2. I don't see how this is possible, since Mizuno offered previous wedge models with C grind.
  3. I'm gaming the STZ turned down a degree to 8 (which in theory should open the face). Personally, I find that it actually looks closed at address. This could be a consequence of something I'm doing with my address, but I don't really have issues with it looking open. After a recent driver swing adjustment, I've been smashing them further and straighter than I have in my life. Probably most importantly, the distance lost on off-center hits is marginal. You still have to strike the ball (as with any driver, it's not magic), but I've found that my misses with the STZ have been much more manageable than with other drivers.
  4. I did indeed. And yes, the T22s are available for preorder, but I want to try them in-hand before I buy.
  5. Let me put it this way. Before this year, I had no idea that Mizuno existed as a company (I didn't really pay attention to equipment). Then I got fitted for clubs. You can see how this worked out in my signature. I also fully intend to get the new T22 wedges once they're available.
  6. I have my STZ 3wood one degree strong (so 1 degree open), and it goes either straight as an arrow or the tiniest bit right (if I allow my swing to go out to in). I do place the ball fairly forward in my stance, maybe 1 ball width back from the inside of my lead heel. I have my STZ 5wood completely standard, and it plays identically to the 3wood (except it flies 20 yards shorter. This is intentional, to fill a gap). HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.0 /70g in both, 5w is half an inch shorter.
  7. Great mentality! As I said in the very first post on this thread... it's taking every ounce of self-control to not pull the trigger on these sight unseen.
  8. Definitely understand what you mean regarding the HMB 9i-PW, though coming from 2007-era Cobra S9's it's hard to complain! I still want to try the clubs myself once they're available at fitting stores, but I'm almost 100% convinced that I'm going to get a set of these. It's just a question of finish and shaft preferences.
  9. Posting not for me, but for my dad, who struggles mightily with his irons. 1. City, State? West Deptford, NJ 2. Handicap? 28-ish 3. Right or Left handed? Right 4. What is your current iron set? Callaway X-Hot 5. How could the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons help you game? My dad struggles with iron striking, especially with fatting them. I think that the wide sole of the XL Halo set would really help his turf interaction, and the high MOI would surely improve his distance (since his swing speed has slowed down considerably with age). 6. Do you agree to post a driver review on the Cleveland website? Assuming you mean iron review, absolutely! 7. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes, absolutely.
  10. I think this may be the way to go for the 58°, that softness around the greens is going to be essential. I'm thinking maybe satin chrome in the 50° and 54° to blend better with my HMB PW. I pretty much only take full shots with the 50°, full or 3/4 shots with the 54°, and 100% of my chips/pitches/greenside bunker shots with the 58°. Most likely the wedges will last my for at least a couple of years, at which point I wouldn't mind buying a new set (maybe even new T22's, I'm sure these will still be amazing in a couple of years). I think that you have shown that you have the denim copper in the GW and SW as well as the LW. I also see that you have the HMB PW. How do you like the blend from the PW to the GW?
  11. Fabulous pics, thank you for the feedback. In case you couldn't guess, I'm completely enamored with the denim copper, I'm just harboring some concerns about how long it will last, since to my knowledge this exposed-copped approach hasn't been done before (or at least, definitely not with the treatment that Mizuno is using here).
  12. Thanks for the response. It's not so much that I'm concerned with wear in particular (though it really is a shame that that gorgeous copper luster will necessarily fade), but rather preserving the same soft feel as the copper scuffs and wears away. Do you think that the satin chrome (which has the copper underlay, with the copper not exposed) will stay softer for longer?
  13. I've seen in your photos in the other T22 thread that there's a bit of wear on the face. Is that the copper wearing away? Do you anticipate the wedge losing softness over an extended lifespan as the face copper wears? Appreciate the comments a lot. Sorry for all of the questions.
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