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  1. seems fishy. I personally have not seen a Scotty with a blank label like that. If it was a custom build, who built it? The custom shop or someone else? you could always send it in. Would cost you a few hundred tho.
  2. Thanks for reply and insight. In terms of quality how do you think the putters you made compare to Olson/Lamb or Scotty? Same thing or there were differences?
  3. Yes I know it's a little bit tacky to talk about money sometimes. But this is also an anonymous internet forum. If there was ever a place it should be OK to talk about these things some of us get curious about, then this is it. So what do you think: Guy with a decent machine shop starts a boutique putter brand. Copies old Ping Anser putters like everyone else. Maybe some special finishes and stamping. Starts putting sexy pictures on instagram and starts getting the word out. How many are some of these guys selling? Revenue? Profit? Long term potential?
  4. I found the MMT felt too light and noodley for the weight. Currently playing steelfibers, which I don't love either. Sorry can't be more helpful.
  5. I'll mail you you one from the US. I can walk into my local golf store and buy one off the shelf. Have you considered buying from a US golf store and then paying a lot for shipping to you?
  6. I have pulled the trigger on a duplicate 7 iron that matches my current P770 #7. The goal of this second 7 iron is to "properly" test out new grips and shafts on a regular basis. I see new shafts I would like to try out properly installed (not with that fitter quick hosel thing). I also see new grip materials and alternative wrappings I would like to spend a few hours getting a feel for (3 wraps? 1top+2bottom? bring it on). I have always hestiated to reshaft or regrip my whole set of irons with something new and barely tested by me (expensive and not risk-free). I don't even want to keep adulterating my gamer #7 over and over. So I have bought a second 7 iron and will spend the winter trying new shafts and grips every month or so. It's not that expensive in parts and labor to do this. And if/when I do find something that really works I will have more confidence then redoing my whole set of irons having properly tested the new boots. Thoughts? Anyone do anything similar? Any other ways to test new shafts and grips easy and cheap? Anyone else a weirdo?
  7. Same story. Originally went to graphite because of joint pain. Made a world of difference and can play/practice longer without the pain. But I wasn't too picky on the shafts at first. Now that there are many more offerings in graphite from manufacturers (and the tech is getting pretty good maybe even better than steel in terms of capability and customizability) I am looking to get fit again and start playing the best graphite shafts for me.
  8. Just looking to hear from more guys who play graphite shafts in irons. Which shafts are you playing? How do you like them? Are they stock graphite offered by the irons' OEM or were you fitted and had the clubs built for you? Other thoughts on graphite shafts in irons. I play steelfiber i95 in Taylormade P770s. They are ok. I am considering going to a slightly heavier shaft.
  9. Interesting take, Matt. I see your side, but I have found putting on pro level tournament greens harder yet more consistent. And I would take consistent every time. The courses I play have slow and inconsistent greens in average to poor condition - this makes putting harder and even practicing harder.
  10. Switch to graphite. no question. there are graphite shafts out there equal to or better than steel. plus they really do help on the joints.
  11. Fair point. Though keeping the ugly stock headcovers is like walking around with big labels on your clothes, essentially paying money to turn yourself into a billboard. Plus if you have expensive clubs the stock headcovers scream "steal me". But i don't disagree with your view of it too. I would go with the Srixon. I think the Adams is cooler but I am assuming the Adams are vintage and hard or impossible to replace if you crack it.
  12. I think the coolest is having cool fun unique headcovers and then hitting straight bombs with whatever clubs are under them. That is cool.
  13. Yup. The peacock of the fairways. you got it. thank you.
  14. Who do you see as the best dressed professional out there. Any tour. I realize many of these guys are just wearing the standard logo stuff. Some guys do stand out as well dressed. Bonus: Please include anyone you think has an interesting unique style even if your taste. Erik Van Rooyan is interesting. Rickie used to be. I used to lave Payne Stewarts retro look back in the day. Can anyone remind me of that PGA pro, I think he played in the 60s/70s, who used to wear mono-color outfits. Even had a matching bag the same color. Forgetting his name right now.
  15. That looks killer. Love the wood trim. Care to share build details. It just a raised wood platform the mat sits on?
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