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  1. This is what I’m looking for. Thank you! I am not sure if I want to carry 5 or 2 wedges at this point lol. It’s just work and feedback I guess. BTW…. I am enjoying my Rapsoto MLM. If is pretty accurate and consistent I would love to try the Mevo for comparison
  2. Thanks! I am still building my swing. Been going to a guy with Track Man, etc. had never had lessons before and we changed my swing all the way from grip to turn. So I am trying to get more familiar with my short game and not rushing the fitting and selecting process. I’m not sure what will be mire of my natural wedge swing… Streep, shallow, etc. but I’m getting there. I know I’m too steep now and tend to “flip”. So I have fat shots a lot. It’s a work in progress. But I’m enjoying it. what does everyone think of Vokey wedges?
  3. You are probably correct! I may over use it because it’s a little new. my first mistake was trying to use it as a full swing 75-80 yard club. It’s too dangerous because a miss hit could be a disaster. So I use more of a GW or even PW as I am learning the “click method”. this makes the 60 more of a fit for 40 yards and in. min just really learning a lot and am relatively new and very raw.
  4. I have used a 56 for years. Someone gave me a 60 and, like I said, it’s a love hate. I do feel like I could get use to what I can and can’t do and be ok. But I’ll do a gapping and I would love to try a 54&58. I just got fitted for née irons. Mizuno JPX 921 tour. For some reason it goes from a 46 PW to a 49 GW. After the gapping Easton we may bend it to 50 and go 54 & 58. min like the poster above. I have found that full swings with the 60 can get me in trouble. Anyone have feedback on 58 vs 60 relati e to what you can do better with one or the other?
  5. I currently Carrie a 56 and 60. the 60 is née to me and I have had a love hate with it. I’m about to do a gapping session soon and get fitted for new wedges. I know this will answer more than anything. But I’m curious what the board thinks. seems like the 54& 58 combo is kind of an older way and the new (younger) guys prefer 56 & 60 anyone tried both ways? Advantages vs disadvantages? thanks!
  6. About to get fitted… so I should get my answer there. but curious about opinions on this. I am currently hitting a mixed bag with graphite irons. Graphite PW and steel sand wedge and lob wedge. my favorite club is the PW Callaway RAZR FX stuff flex 65g mid kick shaft.
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