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  1. Got mine today, can't wait to try them. Thanks Saintnine and Golfwrx
  2. Signed up. Would like an HL #4 A Flex Mamayi Shaft, mens right hand
  3. Studio Stock Series 2 - 34.5 inches MRH - Std. loft and lie - Std.grip Taanks
  4. I would like to win the Z785 driver 10.5 with Tensei Pro Blue 6s at 45"
  5. A friend of mine suggested that the uSA take the top 2 from from PGA Tour and the top 10 from the Web dotcom and offer them a 2 year exemption if they won. Talk about trying hard, you would get that.
  6. Joined Email list My eye sight is diminishing and this rangefinder would be very importment to me. Tks.
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