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  1. Thanks for the follow-up there, Howard. I didn't proceed with the purchase immediately, I questioned the low-spin/launch shaft with the fitter (awaiting response) and also separately did a different fitting at a local retailer. The retailer had me try the new Taylormade Stealth and the PING G425. I didn't really like the Stealth. Can't say why, something just seemed off about it at address. Perhaps it was the shape or twistface. I did much better with the G425 and as this was my second fitting, I had the confidence to crank-up the speed a little. I was swinging with clubhead speeds in the 100-107mph range at what I would say felt like a '90% effort' swing. Ball speeds and carries were up as a consequence. What was interesting was he also fit me into a lower loft head. We tried the 10.5 initially but dropped it to 9.5. I was balooning the 10.5 even on shots with shots where I nicely squared the face. I was also able to consistently hit up on the ball a bit more than in the first fitting (2-5 degrees up vs 0-2 in the first fitting) I'm at the point now where I feel relatively comfortable in the 9 degree head. I can always increase the loft at the hosel a bit which will also help with closing the face a touch - not a bad thing for me to begin with. I'd be happy to have a one-side miss. I'm less confident in the shaft. I wasn't able to hit that Hzrdus Smoke again with the higher swing speed so I don't really know for sure what that would be like. I want something that I can 'grow into' a little as I am early in my golf journey and improving fast (gone from scoring 125 to mid-90s with just irons in the past 3 months). However, I don't want something that's objectively wrong for me and going to cause me to lose significant distance due to lack of spin/launch. Alternative options would be Evenflow Riptide (also counter-balanced and designed for similar tempo but higher launch/spin) or the Diamana S+. However, I've not been able to test either and PXG aren't back in my area for months now. Regarding length, PXG fit me for 45.5 length. He said theirs were a touch shorter than standard. I'm 6ft3 and have my irons +1/2 (when they arrive - they're in the post).
  2. I feel you may be downplaying the quality of the 0211 driver here. Just did a fitting for the Gen4 and the 0211 and in terms of performance, didn’t find anything to split them. Sound and feel was way better with the Gen4, though. The 0211 felt a bit like the PING G425 - loud and harsh. From what I can gather from speaking to the fitter, the 0211 is an almost identical construction to the Gen4s except without the weight ports, extra ‘Vapor’ treatment of the carbon crown and the machine polishing of the face. I’m personally going for the Gen4 as there was only £80 between them but the 0211 was damn close and I nearly went for it.
  3. That’s great advice, thanks. The closing also reducing spin/loft would totally explain why I’m getting a lot of over-draws without the height to reach their carry potential. I think a contributing factor for me may be that I took to bowing my left wrist in the backswing to counteract a slice that was coming from an OTT move. Now that I’m swinging more on-plane and from the inside, I probably don’t need that bowing anymore and a flat left wrist would serve me better. These are things I definitely can work on once I get the driver.
  4. I don't disagree but I don't have anything right now. I need to buy a driver to learn to hit driver! This driver + shaft was only £205 all-in so it's less than a lot of second-hand drivers. Bit of a steal!
  5. That's really helpful, thanks. In terms of feel, yeah I quite liked the shaft. I don't have a huge amount of experience to compare it to but I was comfortable with it. Dispersion, relative to my experience with driver was acceptable: Drawing the ball more than I would want but I would like to hope that would tighten-up with practice. Most of my limited golf career has been spent slicing due to an over-the-top swing but I've recently learnt to reign that in a bit but that heavy draw bias might be a bit of over-correcting.
  6. Not sure whether I would describe myself as an aggressive swinger or not. I'm tall and quite explosive generally in sports but I've been really focusing hard on technique with golf and I try not to swing too wildly. I've recently reached the point with my irons where I've started doing my transition a bit earlier, almost just before I reach the top of the backswing and that's added a fair bit of power back into my irons but I'm still trying to be somewhat controlled. I was recently fit into 95g stiff irons but they haven't arrived yet. Don't tell the missus but here's an example from a bit of indoor practice I shouldn't have been doing https://imgur.com/a/qMmWmcr
  7. This is another OK-ish strike with the same shaft. Way better spin but my ball-speed was way down so it didn't go anywhere. I was so afraid of skying the ball and damaging the man's club head that I was a bit wooden and tentative with many of the swings. Big pause at the top etc. No power.
  8. In fairness, if I show you all my data, you will see how difficult I made the fitter's job! It was PXG and I fit for the 0211 driver head
  9. I had a free fitting this week for my first driver and I'm not completely confident in the results so would appreciate a second-opinion. I don't currently own a driver and have only ever hit one when borrowing a friend's old one for a bit. This made the fitting quite challenging as I was finding it difficult to get used to hitting up on the ball without delivering way too much dynamic loft. It made it almost impossible for me to really get a good sense as to whether I preferred one loft option or shaft from another. I was also a little tentative in my swings as I was focusing on so many things so I wasn't swinging with my true potential speed. Eventually, the fitter settled on a 9 degree head and stiff HZRDUS Smoke Yellow shaft. He said that that would be the best combination for me to grow into because I have the potential to be a fast swinger, even though I wasn't on the day. I did ask him to fit for where I might be in a few months' time after I have had some lessons dedicated to driver. I came away semi-content except for the fact that even on my better strikes, the distances where a little underwhelming. Since the fitting, I dug into the trackman data a bit and noticed that my spin and launch angle on the better strikes was really low and looking at both the trackman optimizer and the ping distance chart would suggest that I need more loft and more spin to optimize my distance. Here's an example of one of my better swings (220 carry, 250 total): It looks like it could have gone much further simply if it had more spin and launched higher. I've put a little red box there around where I currently am with my 'good' swings. I reckon I probably could reach 150 ball speeds with a bit more confidence as my 7i club speed is mid-90s, I should be able to swing over 100 with driver with some practice. The purple box is where I'd need to be to be efficient with those spin numbers and 9 degrees of loft from the driver. I'm just not sure if I can reach that. That's incredibly fast ball speed and I would need to make BIG improvements to hitting up on the ball too. Should I be concerned that the loft/shaft combo recommended to me is too far away from my current ability? Or am I miss-interpreting this information and actually it is OK? Would really appreciate some guidance.
  10. I didn’t even know PXG pro shops existed here. Most of the fitting sites listed are just golf clubs and pro shops. I guess PXG pay them a bit to let them run fittings there. Fair comment on the irons. I didn’t find the yardage gaps were any bigger than I am used to but the lofts are STRONG across the board so I took the gap wedge in the set to act as a PW. The 0211 ST blades are sexy as hell, I don’t have the ability for them.
  11. London. But the lad is a roaming fitter so goes from place to place on a rotation. He was very patient and professional though. Fit me for my irons before this driver too and taught me a lot about the fitting process. Best thing to do is call the number on PXG’s website and they’ll book you in. You can technically book via the website but it’s shite and never shows any availability. Side note: the 0211 DC irons are awesome! Struck them better than any of the other GI irons I tested, they have a slimmer top-line than most and they only cost me about £500 for 5-GW!!! I also loved the 0211 hybrid but didn’t buy it just yet because I like the idea of improving my swing to the point where I can play 5/7 wood over a hybrid.
  12. Thats a sound logic, I think. Although £85 isn’t a huge amount of money, that’s money I could put towards other things that I need to add to my back like fairways, wedges etc. Plus, the fitter’s recommendation was for me to keep the weight in the back for the Gen4 and that’s the default with the 0211 so might as well stick with that. I don’t see myself wanting to set the driver up for draw bias. Even though my bad miss is a slice, my other shots are all draws and I don’t want to start over-drawing all my shots and finding the rough on good shots. Thanks for the advice!!
  13. I wasn't able to test to proto. They don't even sell it here. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  14. I would assume the Gen4. I tested it with the default setting (weight back) but you could, if you wish, move that weight to the heel to promote more closing of the face. I miss both left and right so that feature doesn't help me as much!
  15. I knew you could adjust the loft +/- 1.5 degrees from the standard 9 but I didn’t know you could also adjust the lie. That’s very interesting. My irons are +2 upright but I tended to draw the driver so I would also probably want to flatten it a touch to get it starting more to the right. Did it come with the 10 and 12 gram weights that you can change yourself or did you need to order separately the different weight?
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