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  1. Sounds like you needed some booze to calm the nerves!
  2. Thanks everyone. It truly was an incredible feeling. To answer a few questions... Everything was working, but the difference maker was my iron play for sure. I consistently hit fairways every time I play but generally am a below average iron player but that weekend I had one swing thought and just started flushing my irons which never happens. The beers and fireball were spread out over two rounds, so about 8 hours. If it was all in one round it would've been a different story, but I do probably drink a little too much so the tolerance is also up there. I really think it helped me get out of my way with jitters and over analyzing everything. I was loose and enjoying a good round shooting the breeze with my buddies. I even remember bringing up my score mid-round and putting the conversation on the table to break the ice since my buddies didn't want to. If I were completely sober I likely would've been talking about my total choke job. I enjoyed reading all your stories. Sadly work and kids have kept me busy since then and I haven't had a chance to play, but it looks like next weekend I'll get back out there.
  3. Hi all, first time poster but I've been reading the board for years. I had an experience that I just can't talk enough about, and my wife is tired of hearing about it. I'm a 14 handicap, at least I was. Clearly not as good as most on here, but I picked the game up fairly late in life and with four young kids I'm lucky to get out for 18 more than a handful of times per year. I've had rounds in the low 80's but never touched a 79. The best round of my life was an 81 on a 75.1 and 122 rated course. Annual buddies golf trip last weekend, first round on Friday I lipped out a par putt on 18 to finish with an 80. I was very disappointed. My second round on Friday was an 85 as was my first round of the day on Saturday. Then, it happened. Second round of the day on Saturday, just enough booze to have a nice buzz, ready to cut loose with my buddies and tee it up for another round. Par 71 course, slope 69.8, rating of 126. Start the round with a birdie, missed a couple other makeable birdie putts, kick in a few bogies and I'm pretty thrilled making the turn +2. Take my 3rd shot of fireball of the day, pick up a few more beers, and we're off to the back 9. Another birdie on 10, well dang, I'm sitting +1 after 10 holes, feels good! And then it happens. Block the tee shot right into a fairway bunker, end up with a double. Handicap #1 next, another bogey. Back to normal for me, looking like bogey golf on the back 9. But this time something different happened. With five holes left I went birdie, par, par, par, par to finish +3 with a 74. So 9 beers, 3 shots of fireball, and the best round of my life by 6-7 strokes (par 71). I can't stop thinking about it, all I want to do is tee it up again. I need more of that drug. So my question for the group is, have you ever had a round where you not only got through a barrier of yours that you've long been targeting but absolutely crushed it? I've been dreaming about a 79 for years, and now I'm looking at a 74 on my card.
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