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  1. I just ordered This. 3060 card and 11600 processor for $1189. Every other machine I’ve seen with the 3060 is at least $2-300 more.
  2. Passmark G3D Scores The 3060(12341) laptop gpu looks closely correlated to the 1660super(12691) desktop gpu. The 3050(9108) laptop gpu is between the minimum spec 1050ti(6331) and the lowest recommended card the 1060(9693). So the 3050 laptop is just slightly better than minimum spec for FSX 2020.
  3. Yes extremely tough market. And the trouble with prebuilt stuff is it rarely ever comes with anything you really want that you can upgrade around in the future or you pay through the nose for it. Basically have to buy a new case, cooling, ram, storage and motherboard with any of them so paying for cpu and gpu. Going to hope that Black Friday and cyber Monday have something reasonable or start camping out at Best Buy waiting to buy a good graphics card at msrp. Anyone going the prebuilt route and wanting to upgrade in the future beware of the big names(dell, hp, etc) as they use proprietary stuff that you can’t easily upgrade or swap out.
  4. Been looking into this quite a bit. Seems the 1660super graphics card would be ok to run it on at least medium settings 1080p. Not sure what the price is on that system you showed but the best deal I’ve found on 1660super is $899 from Microcenter if you have one in your area. Intel i5 9400 is two generations old processor. This one has an i5 11400 though smaller hard drive but you could add one for relatively cheap. edit: just searched Best Buy Canada and hoo boy you’re probably paying 10-20% more than US with equivalent specs. Also not a ton of options outside of dell, Hp, Lenovo other than higher priced rigs.
  5. Insurance on a $4000 machine is probably some of that…but ya $95 for everyone and the extra is “handling” charge. If their “accounting team” was behind on what seems like not a ton of orders then imagine the delays if they gave shipping options and pricing relative to costs across the country.
  6. The Launch Pro has locked spin axis so I’m not sure the workaround that currently works with the gcquad would work. I’m sure it’s coming in encrypted from the machine as it still displays curvature but only through the FSX software.
  7. Placed October 1st. Returned the docusign the 2nd and charged the 6th. Guessing I won’t be contacted until next week as I’m behind Jpan08 by a day on being charged. Anyone out in California maybe stop by and help them put them in boxes and bring them to a UPS store? Makes me think I should have a computer ready to install FSX so when the hordes of folks with the launch pro and in the next batches ship I might be able to get some support if I need it.
  8. Which makes zero sense. How can you charge less for courses under subscription? Although when your subscription lapses you don’t have fsx to run the courses. Nothing about the subscription model makes sense to me. And now they changed the price? Would have loved to go Bushnell and lower cost of entry but at the end of the day I guess I know what I’m getting with GC3 and that’s why I spent way more money than I wanted to. Half price quad lite. Just hope the hardware will last 10 years
  9. Was thinking about buying pebble since it’s on sale through Sunday but this might be a better idea. 20 courses would probably be more than enough for me for a few years. Though I’d like to know more about FSX Play and whether the courses will be updated to unity graphics when they roll that out in the coming months.
  10. Anyone have any experience running FSX2020 through a decent projector? What computer setup are you running?
  11. I didn’t get charged until last Wednesday so I’m tempering my expectations. Did get an email that FSX 2020 comes with 4 more courses if I want to purchase that now The number is still 10…I think there was only 5+fairgrounds before GC3 launch.
  12. I didn’t really ask. I think he mentioned before the end of the month but some may ship a week or so before that.
  13. Not sure if this was posted yet or not but Launch Pro basic subscription is the foresight performance fitting app. Here’s a link to what it looks like and offers… https://www.foresightsports.com/performance-fitting-app-user-manual
  14. I would think they could care less about 3rd party sims when you either paid $3000 already for FSX or $800 a year for subscription. Probably the point of locking spin axis readout is that it would be hard to have an accurate model of ball flight without it being exported with the other parameters. It’s my understanding that these programs use another program that pulls the data from the quad or FSX to get ball data that you need to emulate flight in the 3rd party software.
  15. Thing for me is and always was not that the software was ok but the data is right. I’ve played winter golf league a couple of seasons on e6 software where the simulators had some bad measurement devices. You could top a ball and it would show a good shot. When people tout tgc2019 are you playing against people on these subpar systems? It makes sense to me to play on foresight systems since I know any competitors are playing on like hardware and actually have to have some measure of talent to succeed.
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