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  1. A golf club collectors dream set! These are a FULL set (1 thru 5 woods & 1 thru SW irons) of NEVER been hit Jack Nicklaus Limited Edition 850/1000 MacGregor Clubs from the estate of B.J. Thomas. B.J. was five-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter and golf enthuses. The most famous song BJ’s sang was “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”. These were in BJ's personal collection. He bought the clubs back in 1983 from the late great golf Hall of Famer Henry "Mr. Golf" Thomas. The set comes with a signed COA from Mrs. Gloria Thomas. This is your chance to buy a piece of history! $2,200 pin 12/14
  2. Very confusing indeed. Ok. I lock my first ad. Now I wait 24 hours. Can you reinstate my Jack Nicklaus cubs ad or do I need to rewrite and post it myself?
  3. Yes there is some confusion. So, $10 gets you one ad at a time. You can sale something with that one ad, take that ad down and sale something again with a new ad? You’re allowed to do that same process 74 times in a 2 week period? How do I remove my first ad?
  4. Why was my ad taken down? My warning said “…you’re only allowed one posted at anytime” but I paid my $10 for <75 ads. Last time I looked 1 is less then 75! Please reinstate my ad or give me my money back.
  5. TM 300 Mini Driver. 13.5 degrees, right handed, standard LLL, regular flex, standard size grip. Headcover is included but no wrench. $250 shipped CONUS.
  6. Looks pretty good. It doesn't look like the weight in the back moves on a rail the the old ones.
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