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  1. thats a hell of a deal, might have to grab a set
  2. Driver for sure. Used to be the 4iron, but I got a 4utility driving iron and that has helped
  3. What would be the difference in support a tour player gets from the manufactures tour truck if they were a free agent vs a sponsored player? I'm not even sure what the Srixon tour truck is like or if they have a presence but for arguments sake, what level of support would Brooks have gotten before he was sponsored vs today now that he is on their payroll?
  4. I've been gaming my driver at 11deg, a 4wood at 16.5deg, then a 7wood at 21deg, 4i utility club at 23. I like having the 4wood or a 3wood to hit a rope draw off the tee when needed, since I can only fade the driver. I'd be interested in testing a 5wood up against my 16.5 degree 4wood to see if the carry distances are any different, and if the 5wood is easier to hit off the deck.
  5. i looks like on the ping site he has his irons at D5 and D6 for the 9/P
  6. is this how his bag has always been setup or is this something new in 2021?
  7. Agreed, I'd think that would be the toughest transition. Granted they probably got the tour rack zipcores as close to his vokeys with the custom grinds etc.
  8. That is what I assumed, I can't imagine him using 1/2" short irons at his size. Unless he has some oddly long arms
  9. so this new series has some new fancy weighting system or is it nothing we haven't seen before?
  10. found an old 915F ladies 7 wood cheap on ebay. Used that head on the following setup 915F 21deg Diamana D+ whiteboard 80g stiff tipped 2.5 inches Driver ss 110 7w carry 225-230 Length 41.5" It been my best club in the bag, granted I play a very short tight course most weekends. I am considering getting a stiffer shaft for it. I also have a callaway Apex UW 21deg that will take a run at the 7wood spot.
  11. whats the difference between the tri hot and the og white hot inserts?
  12. Anyone have any recommendations in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area for a trusted clubfitter/technician? I'm looking to have some lofts adjusted on a set of clubs and also make some adjustment to a couple of putters. Also might need someone soon to assemble a set of heads to shafts.
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