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  1. Do a mixed set. I just ordered 8-PW tour and the 4-7 player.
  2. If wanted something to fill the void until a new product line came out, I think I would just play around with the new level pf1. Won't break the bank and people are really enjoying them. Check out The boys at TXG on YouTube. They were quite impressed
  3. I don't skip 5 iron but 4 iron is a driving iron for me.
  4. lol sorry bud, never even seen a miura in person.
  5. So you are somewhere between a blade and forged 1-piece cavity back player. Maybe you have a mixed bag of cavities and blades and the thin soles seem to work for your swing. What vokey grind do you prefer?
  6. Yup, wouldnt mind a set of single lengths 0311t to go with my traditional set im about to order from New Level
  7. And what do you have? PF-2 down to 7iron and PF-1s 8 and down?
  8. sorry to take advantage of a good deed but what does the top line measure if you dont mind?
  9. Anyone have a mic and can measure the sole width of the pf-2?
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