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  1. Nice that's good news. I received similar news from my rep on a Thursday and by that Monday morning it showed up to my house. Once they get to Canada they get them out very quickly!
  2. I paid for mine October 12th, was told I'd have it by November, and didn't get it until December 20th. And up until a few days before I got it, my rep had no idea when it would show up. So it seems like Canada is just an after thought, a little annoying to wait over 2 months while others are getting them right away when we paid the same amount, but I don't think there's anything you can do to speed it up unfortunately, sorry for the bad news, I hope it comes in soon!
  3. I've had a M+ for about a year and I've loved it, for the price I think it's a great product. It's been very useful for dialling in my yardages, and with the new RCT balls the total spin readings have gotten much better. All that being said, it really struggles to measure spin axis indoors. Even in my setup with 18 feet of ball flight. I got my GC3 a couple weeks ago and could tell right away how much more accurate the GC3 was. I had them both running and hit a few irons and on the GC3, some were my typical bad miss where I hit a big draw and end up 15 yards left of target. But on the M+ I was almost dead straight and right on the pin. On the M+ I am a total stud with my irons, hit everything to 10 feet. But in real life and on the GC3 it is a weak part of my game because I struggle to control shot shape, but the M+ just can't give me that feedback. So overall I have to agree, the M+ really isn't in the same conversation as the GC3. However, its at a different price point and is still a useful tool and fun for simulation imo, as long as you understand its shortcomings.
  4. Great news for GSPro. Has anyone heard of any similar workarounds for TGC2019?
  5. Man that's annoying as a Canadian. I ordered on Oct 12 and I'm still waiting, according to my rep due to "supply shortages".
  6. Have either of you heard about an expected arrival date yet? I was told when those first 13 units came in that I'm also up next and it should be in November, but haven't heard anything since. I don't want to keep bugging my rep but I'm very excited to know when it will be here haha
  7. Are you still able to connect on the iPad as well? I was hoping to use PC sometimes and iPad other times, but it sounds like having your license registered on each is not possible?
  8. If the wifi connection were working and no cords were needed, would playing with righties and lefties still be a pain at all? I've been curious how this will work when I have lefty buddies over to play. Do you recalibrate alignment every time you move the unit? Would it be possible to just swing over the unit as a lefty instead of moving it to the other side? (As in having the unit between your feet and the ball)
  9. I got my RCT balls this week and have been really impressed. I've hit probably 200 balls and have had I think 2 italicized readings. Only weird thing I've noticed is that I've had about 5 non-italicized readings that were clearly wrong. It read the spin as roughly double what it should have been (eg I got a 12000 rpm reading on a 7 iron). I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced that. I did some shot shape testing as well and it seemed very accurate. My testing only involved me trying to hit draws/fades, big hooks/slices and seeing if the shot matched my feel. So not very scientific but I was impressed. It was even very accurate with driver, with ball speeds of around 175mph. However, I do have about 16 feet of ball flight so I am able to use "Indoor" rather than "Short Indoor" and I know that helps compared to other setups. So with my setup I didn't have many issues with the metallic dot either but this was still a noticeable improvement. I should be getting my GC3 in a few weeks and I plan on doing some more scientific testing on shot shape and spin rate, I think with the RCT balls the Mevo+ will perform well but we'll see.
  10. It's not even worth responding to 'games'. All of these threads are full of people providing valuable information, and then there's 'games'... nothing valuable to say, totally biased, condescending to everyone, and usually wrong. But since we can't ban this person, best to ignore them.
  11. I also have TrueStrike and won't be getting my GC3 for a few weeks. In the meantime, if you find a way to make it work without having to move the unit for every shot, please let us know how you do it.
  12. Ahh cool, will likely help a lot with putting too then I would think.
  13. Will be interesting to see if the Fusion Tracking will make a big difference in terms of accuracy, especially spin axis. Or if it will just be used for more data, like club path. The camera is only 30fps, I'm not sure how this compares to the X3, which already uses Fusion Tracking. I just get the sense that with the limited hardware in the M+, this isn't going to be that useful of an upgrade. I hope I'm wrong though.
  14. Does anyone know if the Bushnell Launch Pro will be available in Canada at all or will it only be the GC3? On the Bushnell site it seems like it is only available to US or European consumers. I also have not seen either unit on the standard Canadian distributors like Par2Pro. Has anyone been able to figure out more than I have? I'm not against just getting the GC3, just want to know if I will eventually have both options or not.
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