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  1. I belong to a private and pay $200 for the year. Unlimited use for myself and my wife plus it also covers any guest I take out.
  2. Its a very nice golf course. A bit tricky in spots but that offers a challenge. Every time I've been there conditions were very good. I'd also call it a private golf course and not a country club as its golf only. So if you like tennis, swimming, gym its not there. The one feature that the TPC courses have is "belong to one and you can play all" is a benefit if you travel a lot. At least it used to be that way. I haven't been there in a couple years. A fellow I did business with belonged to a TPC in Florida and when he came up to DC he'd take me out. Since I only go there as a guest I'm
  3. I am a member at a Club Corp facility and will be the stranger here and defend them. Club Corp purchased our club about 10 years ago and I see an overall improvement. Members are asked to participate in Club Corp meetings and offer feedback. Nothing is hidden. We still have a member board of directors but decisions now need final approval from Club Corp. We win some and lose some, but all decisions are logical from a business standpoint. Club Corp knows their members and attempts to service accordingly. Last year we had a tornado rip through our course and damages were well over $1 million.
  4. A private course will have better conditions and amenities. Its also a lifestyle vs just a golf course to play. Golf, tennis, exercise, quality dining, pool, etc. Members will fix divots, ball marks, rake traps whereas public courses its a crap shoot. Pace of play is better too. No loud radios or poor behavior (members police themselves or continued violators are reviewed by the board). Public courses seldom do this as they don't want to scare away customers. You make long term friends and business connections at a club and that doesn't really happen at the publics.
  5. At this point I just believe its what you get accustomed to. For years I putted well with a Ping berylium copper Anser 2 putter. Then the Scotty Cameron craze hit and I got a Newport 2 (Anser knockoff). It was noticeably heavier but I told myself "its a Scotty so it must be better". I've used it for the past several years with no complaints. A couple weeks ago I played and the greens were a bit lumpy (result of frosts and thaws) so I got out my old Ping again. It felt very light (and odd) compared to the Newport. But I'm sure playing a few more rounds with it I would mentally adjust to i
  6. I recently changed from a standard Ping grip (58 grams with 3 wraps) to a Ping midsize (80 grams with 1 wrap). Guessing the extra wraps account for a couple grams so maybe a 20 gram net increase, but I still feel the head OK. It does feel slightly different but I'm unsure if its from the grip thickness or weight. I still putt fine with it so time will tell. Going from a 50 gram to a 120 gram would probably make for a noticeable difference. Almost like having 2 1/2 grips installed.
  7. My dues just went up 7%. However dues never changed last year (so first increase since 2019) as we were closed completely for two months and partially for a long period after. A couple services still aren't back to 100%. I did get a list of the improvements coming in 2021 so I have no complaints. I saw an article somewhere about private clubs and their finances. It said that the monthly dues cover about 80% of normal expenses, and food/beverage, weddings, outings cover the rest. My club had zero outings, weddings, or other outside events last year. We did make up some of this
  8. At $99 I might question the quality and longevity of the unit. However good news is most laser technology will give similar numbers.
  9. I'd personally go with the James Bond briefcase used in From Russia With Love.
  10. I have 2 Scotty Cameron putters and 2 Ping putters. All have the same style (traditional Ping pistol) grip. Only modification is I put 3 wraps of grip tape on all of them as I prefer a slightly larger grip. Never really liked the larger grips - I felt like I lost some touch.
  11. My take is the actual swingweight (D0, D1, D2, etc) is not as critical as the swingweight of the set being consistent club to club. Combined with a total club weight and flex fitting the golfer makes for a set that should play well for that golfer.
  12. How about the Gary Player course in Africa built on a game preserve? I'd always fear a lion, tiger, croc or other nasty critter could get out on the course. Caddies with shotguns?
  13. Agree. When I saw "last target" I thought it would never catch a flag with any trees, mounds, clubhouses, etc. behind the green. Time will tell.
  14. I once played a course with a par 5 where you had to tee off with about a 6 or 7 iron as there was a pond about 200 yards out. Distance and line was critical to position yourself for the next shot Then there was a narrow chute for your second shot where you needed to kill a 3 wood to reach the dogleg for the final 120 yards. Goofy design.
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