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  1. I have a Bushnell V4 and a V4 Slope. I gave the V4 to my wife when I got the Slope model but I hardly ever use the slope mode. What I found was that there was very little adjustment factor in actual use. On very hilly holes I just go back to relying on my own judgement. My vote is save your money and forego the slope.
  2. I would suggest to the OP that he hit them into the net and when one shears loose video it on his phone and send it to Srixon, post here, or just You-Tube it. I would love to see the cover reverting back to normal. Or how about a photo of one that normalized? What do the dimples look like?
  3. I ordered the second generation Kirkland balls that had the quality problem. Costco gave me a full refund (without my asking) and let me keep the balls. It will be interesting to see how Srixon handles this. I don't know if this is an isolated case or if they had real QC issues but at a certain point it may be a problem. Z-Star and Q-Star Tour have been reported. I remember many years ago when I played the Titleist Professional I had one ball in the box that was missing a dimple. Very weird. I called Titleist and they asked me to send them the ball for inspection. They mailed me a dozen
  4. I've played that course. Its biggest defense is the wind. You're always playing an adjusted yardage. There's one par three there that reminds me of Pebble Beach. Along the ocean and the ocean actually cuts into the hole midway. Very pretty - and tough.
  5. Rotate gloves frequently on hot days. If that doesn't work try some tennis sweat bands on your wrists.
  6. I re-shafted my i200's (similar construction to iBlade) earlier this year. There were no weights in the hosel. Your iBlades will be like mine in that the weight will be incorporated into the rubbery cavity piece. I got the ferrules from Golfworks. The catalog will list the proper ones but you can contact customer service for clarity as they make a couple different versions. They were the perfect diameter so I didn't have to turn them down - install and forget. Otherwise it was a typical disassemble/reassemble process.
  7. When its cold out I like the balaclava head cover and then a simple knit beanie on top. Hi-tech material and it covers the back of my neck. When its windy I can pull it up to cover my mouth and nose. In todays covid climate you could probably wear it if you had to go in the clubhouse. https://www.rei.com/product/725892/outdoor-research-option-balaclava
  8. Here is the methodology of the spies testing: https://Not allowed because of spam.com/about-Not allowed because of spam-ball-lab/ Per the roundness test they go by the USGA method (click on USGA Ball Track Test and see section 7 of USGA document). I didn't see any number tolerance stated - simply pass/fail. Edit: I can't attach the link. If you go to the site, search "Ball Lab" and you will find it.
  9. Third week in October and we're still packed most every day. Maybe pray for rain and break out the Goretex.
  10. The photos in the review are of the latest QST (with Serm). Check the side stamp. Latest ball has text blacked out; previous model didn't.
  11. Great minds think alike. The three layers mixed and matched per temperature will get the job done for me. The Windlite sweaters and the ZR Windstopper pullovers (which don't get a lot of mentions here) are exceptional products.
  12. I agree that we're talking about small amounts. However going over all the other balls tested they didn't show any defects so I wonder at what point its an issue. We are talking spin rates near 10,000 rpm with wedges. I've posted to the spy guys asking them to take the balls with errors and post photos so we can see them and make our own value judgement. Then take them to the course or range and compare them to a ball with zero defects. What then is the playability difference? If you measure close enough no ball is perfect but they could gather data showing when flight patterns, distance,
  13. Here are the spies discussing ball quality (discussion starts at 29:38). Hope I can post this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1Q_u8OQnSM&t=2928s&ab_channel=Not allowed because of spam
  14. I have always had concerns as to how the process works to make a "gradational" compression core where its softer in the center and gradually gets firmer towards the cover like the Srixon. I spoke with Srixon and all they said was they use a varied heat process when baking the cores. OK. But how do the insure the compression around the whole circumference is equal? This test shows what can happen when manufacturing variable compression balls (left half faster than the right?). None of these compression errors were noted in the tests of the Kirkland, Maxfli, Snell, Taylor Made or Titleist (
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