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  1. Agree. My copper Anser 2 has a beautiful solid feel that's hard to describe. I could never get used to the feel of the bronze models. Totally different feel. i guess it depends on what you like.
  2. Ping has made putters with stainless steel, beryllium copper, and manganese bronze construction. Any real benefits between the metals? I have an old copper Anser 2 that I bring out from time to time when my stainless Scotty Newport acts up. Thanks.
  3. I love my Zero Restriction Pinnacle half sleeve jacket in the warmer temperatures. Its not Goretex but some other hi-tech material - ZR doesn't state what it is. Fully waterproof (20,000), super light, and with the half sleeves is super breathable. When it gets cooler I switch to Zero Restriction long sleeve Goretex gear. Both have lifetime waterproof guarantees so you only spend good money once. Good stuff.
  4. Where was it ordered from?
  5. You learned a good lesson. Always ride a strange course first. Then after seeing it if you're still intent on walking the next round go ahead. You're lucky you didn't play the Gold - it's even hillier than the Green.
  6. Comfortable waterproof shoes and raingear are tops with me. The top quality Footjoy model shoes and Zero Restriction raingear have never failed me.
  7. Thanks Dan. You said no spin numbers for wedges. Were you using this indoors or outside? Seems odd it won't read wedges. The wedge numbers are of interest to me - not so much the mid-irons. Do you know what type of battery this unit has, along with battery life? I'm probably going to pull the trigger on one this weekend.
  8. To me the previous ProV models greatest difference was feel followed by trajectory (ProV1 has slightly lower flight). The X tends to have a bit more distance and spin separation (less on long clubs, more on short clubs). The spin difference tends to be minimal however - about 100 to 200 rpm difference at each end.
  9. I saw on Mr. ShortGame's review that it has a mode where you can record your swing and then review it. In this mode does it have the ability to have a flight-line arc like they show on TV? Thanks.
  10. Excellent course. Brush up on your knockdown shots. Rum Pointe always seems to play windy - especially the back nine.
  11. Shoes are a somewhat personal choice but be sure to wear excellent quality socks. Worth their weight in gold.
  12. Years ago the men's US Open had a 300 yard par 3. Cut a little 5-iron to the back pin?
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