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  1. Pikewood National outside of Morgantown, West Virginia is walking only. If you can get on make sure you're in good shape because it hilly but absolutely gorgeous. The next couple of weeks should be absolutely amazing with the fall colors.
  2. If you're just looking to touch up the text nail polish works great. I use it (Hard as Nails specifically) on all my irons and putters and durability is excellent. Just be sure to fully remove all prior paint first. I swab several times with Acetone to soften the paint and then take a miniature screwdriver to scrape the paint out. Rinse thoroughly, let dry a couple hours and apply paint. Done it this way for years.
  3. If it works I'd keep it. Is the battery life OK? I know the V2's were hard on batteries but I think it was corrected in the V3's. However if you have a friend that wants a rangefinder you could let it go and then upgrade. I have a pair of V4's - one slope, the other without. I don't find the slope that necessary unless its a VERY hilly course. And yes, each new generation is a bit quicker to lock on (at least the Bushnell's are).
  4. PW matches the other irons, SW and LW are specialty however.
  5. I tried switching - sort of. I have Ping i200 irons (I'd classify them as a tour cavity back) and got a set of Ping G425 irons (true game improvement). Same length, lie, and shaft in both. I wanted to love the G425's but just couldn't hit them as well as the i200's. Ended up selling them to a friend. I'm a senior but still high single digit handicap and started out years ago with a set of Wilson Staff irons. Then went to original Titleist DCI Black, Ping i3 Blades, Ping S58, and finally my i200's. All these models were fairly thin soles and minimum offset. I figured at 72 it was time to get some irons that would bail me out on poor swings but it just didn't happen. Still hitting the i200's well.
  6. I use the Pulsar spikes in all my shoes. Easy on the feet (much softer than any of the Champ brand) and give good traction. I get decent life out of them too. The only negative is they can grab a lot of loose grass. So after each round I take a brush to remove it. Not a problem - only takes a minute or two.
  7. No. Where you go astray of the rules is the two different diameters. The rues say the grip must be of a constant size and taper.
  8. There are slight annual improvements in technology. I believe the manufacturers simply juggle the characteristics for different results. The latest hollow heads are a good example. They can give improved distance but that can vary widely depending on where on the face they are hit. Distance continues to be the main selling point but this often comes from stronger lofts and reduced spin. To me the attributes I want are consistency throughout the set, decent spin and feel, and ability to hit from various lies. A yard or more distance is of little use if I have a large gap in the bag at the wedge end of the set. Its about playing golf on an actual course - not whose 7 iron reads the farthest in a hitting bay.
  9. No initiation fees, no food minimum and cheap dues? If you could find such a club it could be on the edge of collapse, have terrible conditioning or have so many members you have trouble getting a tee time.
  10. Not to mention recent aeration. Solution - 60 degree wedge and fly the ball in.
  11. I can't feel a difference if I'm wearing my watch or not (and it weighs much more than two paper clips).
  12. I see the latest version of "The Match" will be between Bryson and Brooks. I can see Brooks sticking the needle in the first time Bryson misses a short putt - " Catch the wrong side of the dimple?"
  13. Gary Player won the 1965 US Open using Shakespeare fiberglass shafts. What is the Fenwick reference?
  14. Most of my rain gear is Zero Restriction but I have a couple pieces from Sunice. About 80% of them are made from Goretex and they work fine. Currently there are a few other cloth formulations that work as well as Goretex but breathe a bit better in warm weather. The Pinnacle line from Zero Restriction is one of those. Its still 20,000 rated for wet but is great in the summer. All of my gear was purchased new but I never spent anywhere near list price. TGW and Carls Golfland often have great sales on previous year merchandise. E-bay also has lots of "new with tags" rain gear available and is worth looking at. No need to spend $1000 for a rain suit anymore if you are a patient shopper and have the luxury to spend time shopping around.
  15. Weren't the original shafts from Shakespeare made from fiberglass? I think Gary Player used them for a brief period.
  16. Is there no detail Bryson doesn't research? https://golf.com/gear/bryson-dechambeau-short-putts-ball-dimples/
  17. But wouldn't you simply break even? Where is your reward for fast play? Additionally rangers need to be better trained. I remember playing as a foursome and were on the 13th fairway of a par five. We were playing behind a threesome and were waiting for the green to clear as it was reachable. Three of us went for the green and one laid up. When he hit his third shot the ranger showed up and told us we had to pick up the pace as the group in front was already in the next fairway. We told him we were 4 right on the tail of a 3 after 13 holes and they should be pulling away. He wouldn't hear it.
  18. Golf course employee's need to be better trained. I was at a course several years ago and the parking lot boy met us and put our clubs on the cart. I drove to the clubhouse to check in and when I came out the starter had pulled my driver out of the bag, took of the head cover, and was swinging it (while standing on the cement)! I saw this and said to him "They're not for sale". He completely missed the point and said he didn't plan on buying it. I went in and reported it to the manager, played the round, and never came back.
  19. This has the potential for cheap golfers to cheat you. A better plan (that I have seen on a couple courses) is if you finish your round in under four hours (weekends only) you get a discount or other compensation. No need for a weekend ranger - the golfers will be flying around the course. Lots of gimmies on the back nine.
  20. Nothing wrong with those irons. Go play.
  21. This seems foolish to me. So much tradition will be lost. Keep the location, and the history, move the date to allow network TV. What about the Dinah statue? Move it to Houston? Its still a major so finding a decent sponsor shouldn't be impossible. What about possible blowback from clean air advocates going forward about a major being sponsored by an oil company? It happened before on the LPGA Tour years back when the duMaurier Championship (a major until 2000) was cancelled as the sponsor was a tobacco company. I think the new commissioner panicked and jumped at the first sponsor that showed up and succumbed to all their demands.
  22. As prior posts stated many of the listed models were made from different metals (stainless, bronze, copper, nickel) but were named the same. With present environmental concerns most of Ping's current putters are stainless.
  23. Not sure what your damage is but what I use for scuffs on my clubs is the green scrubby cloth found in the paint sections of Ace, Home Depot, etc. Believe its called 3M Heavy Duty Stripping Pad. Scrub in the same direction as the clubs movement to blend with any existing micro-scratches. Use some elbow grease as this won't leave any lasting marks. Edit: Scotchbrite pads.
  24. Man you guys are bombers. 150 yard PW? I'm older but still single digit and my full PW is 125 yards. My SW and LW are mostly used as specialty clubs so aren't used full out most of the time. I'm using mostly standard (old school) lofts.
  25. I have been fitted with plus 1/2 inch irons for many years. The factory length of my gap, sand and lob wedges were 1/4 inch intervals vs 1/2 inch intervals of the other irons. These are now 1/2 inch longer than standard also just like the other irons. So switching from one club to the next is a subtle change. If I had 1 inch longer irons and kept the wedges standard (to me) that might be too great a leap from the 9 to the PW.
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