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  1. I like to think, since we can't create energy, of pulling energy out of the ground and then returning that energy back to where it came from. Environmentalists would be happy.
  2. Here's an easier rope drill accomplishing the same results. Golf is a stretching exercise.
  3. The golf swing lies somewhere between batting a baseball and chopping wood. Each of these acts by itself, however, only completes a small part of the picture. There just isn't any other physical maneuver quite like a golf swing. Jackie Burke, 1955. But similarities in striking can be striking.
  4. While watching a YouTube swing at regular speed the timing of what happens when is the rhythm. If you put that same swing video on slow motion what happens when, the rhythm, stays the same as what was viewed at regular speed, but the tempo, or speed of motion, has been reduced.
  5. If that Instagram drill is a good representation of the drill, what is the purpose, what is the thinking about hitting a wall post impact.
  6. Other than discussion points over a cold beer at Par Tavern they are, at a minimum, force multipliers but are also involved within the directional aspect too- all involuntary in my opinion, the store and the unload.
  7. Finding consensus on that question past 'it depends' is asking for a lot. But diameter size wouldn't affect the ulnar piece, excessive weight could but there isn't that much in a grip to begin with so I don't see it as a big concern. For flexion and extension size and weight could be an issue, because that's more of a speed piece than the ulnar aspect seems to be and could create some drag, or delay, in the timing, but again I don't see it as a big issue either off the top of my head. I would have to dry run it myself, but I don't see either as a big deal, much bigger fish to fry by taking those hands, and grip size in the closet so they don't hit. The hit is in the body.
  8. I never disparage any putt, it's bad karma, I love them all. They each have their own unique personality requiring directed attention.
  9. Chipping is like putting, I forget about making it and put my best stroke on it, and it just may go in as a result of my effort. At least it had a chance.
  10. You only have 2 snuff boxes, might as well use them to your advantage. If you don't know what those are, or how they're oriented and used, take up drumming and learn real quick.
  11. Excellent post! Paying attention to what it takes, and not forcing compliance, are standards that did not pass by this guy, not by any stretch. Would love to get him on a practice tee to see what he might do if told it's a game of propulsion.
  12. No way self-flagellation should ever be used learning about momentum and inertia in the golf swing.
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