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  1. Thanks for the advice! To make sure I understand correctly - you're saying that it would be better to go to a top D2 or D3 instead of a mid-D1? Looking at the scoring averages for all of D1,2,3 though for 2020, the D2s and D3s are at least 3-4 strokes below all but the lowest D1s. Many are even in the high 70s and low 80s and I thought that's why they're recruiting me strongly. What am I missing? I guess my question is why wouldn't they? Although my 2021 tournament average is 141, I'm currently shooting 138 and getting better. Of course I couldn't play juniors in the gap year but I'd have a WAGR ranking and scores at amateur tournaments that will indicate better skills. Alternately if I don't get much better, I can get into an Ivy or top academic university and play at that level the next year. Is this something that I should tell coaches about this year so they can track me if I take the gap year?
  2. I'm a 2022 HS grad ranked ~450 in JGS, +2.2 HCP, 74 scoring avg in junior tournaments and placing in top 30% in amateur tournaments I play in. I was injured in the first half of 2020 and couldn't play golf but have gone from 78 to 74 in the past year, and still improving. Ordinarily I would have reached out to coaches last year but, as you can see, the timing was about as bad as it could be - my scores before 2020 not being great and no way to show them in 2020 Now I'm finding that most D1s have filled their roster or have a 11-12 person rosters with many 5th year and senior players, which means I won't play. I have zero interest in warming a bench for 1-2 years. I have a couple of D1s interested and I can play on the teams (with no scholarship but not a problem) and they're not great academic choices nor are they powerhouse golf teams. I want to be a Tour Pro and know how low the odds are, but don't want to give up without giving it my absolute ALL! I've recently been wondering if I should take a gap year, focus on my golf, play amateur tournaments, see how I do and then look at different options: 1. reach out to college coaches next year when I'll for sure be even better 2.go for top academic schools (I know I can get in for sure with my grades and SAT) and forget about competitive golf 3.get into a top academic school now, request a deferral and reach out to the golf coach to see if I can play Advice? Feedback?
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