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  1. Has anyone played the restored Oakland Hills? Hoping to get back to Michigan this summer and have a look. I'm so happy that the membership restored their course to the Ross gem it is. Hopefully the US Open returns to Michigan soon.
  2. I've only played the Ross course and it's awesome. If you like classic Ross courses it's hard to beat. It was restored at some point and the course is pure. There are some awesome ball busting par 3's which must have been insane back in the day. That being said I don't know if you can get a week out of the area as others have said. Good luck.
  3. That's awesome man. More power to you. I've gotten soft to the point where I won't play if it's below 60. Michigan is a great golf state.
  4. I haven't played Rolling Oaks but Pine Barrens is awesome. Played it 4 or 5 times now. What was really great about World Woods was that it was top quality golf for a fair price without a hint of pretentiousness. Sure PB has gone downhill a little bit conditioning wise but it was still good last year. Count me is as someone who would like to see the Fazio design restored not remodeled. World Woods was an affordable alternative to Streamsong for the middle class. I hope that the price points remain attainable.
  5. It's not the winter weather I would be worried about in the Southeast but the summer weather. Anything above 80 in that humidity can be miserable. The ideal weather is SoCal. If you can't swing that and don't mind humidity go FL winter and north in the summer.
  6. The Special Select is absolutely high quality. The milling is a work of art. Now it's not hand crafted but does that matter? I will say it's far and away a better putter than a 2000 model forgiveness wise. Now would I like a newly made Oil Can? Absolutely.
  7. Thanch is correct at 282g. Here's a video of a guy weighing one:
  8. Don't get me wrong, I understand the branding of the cherry dots, but the script in their stead makes this putter so much better. Great piece.
  9. I'll list only the ones I've gamed: 1 - Special Select 2 - 2008 Studio Select high toe 3 - 2012 Black Mist 4 - 2018 Insert
  10. Yes, and I'd even remove the CAMERON letters from the neck if I had my druthers. Nice putter
  11. I do, but not for the price tag. I just want the putters he made two decades ago. In fact I still play the 2012 black mist model and the finish has held up fine, as long as your expectations are realistic.
  12. Good info. That is surprising as I though the Special line would get an update first.
  13. Any news on SC/Titleist 2022 putters? Would love to pick up a SS in black. Even better if the cherry dots were replaces with a white Titleist script
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