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  1. Yeah I think so. I think I would certainly learn what a mishit feels like, I would imagine it just wouldn't feel as crisp as a center strike and I wouldn't see it in the window I am used to the ball exiting. It would just be friendlier. I struggles a couple years ago and went to AP3s which are like T200s and it was ok. I didn't give myself enough time to get that feeling though. Everything felt flush!
  2. R5Two

    Kevin Na vs WRX

    I wonder if he switched out of blades when he made that 16 on a par 4 in 2011. I like Kevin Na but who cares man. People should play what they want
  3. Hahah Will humans classic. I did the same, dial it down a touch, upgrade shaft to lagolf, take 3wood and put it away.
  4. Best club they made. I hit mine 265 off the deck and it stops about 10 feet from where it lands. Incredible weapon!
  5. You'll be fine! If you decide not to buy them please give my info to the seller lol.
  6. I'll be honest even in T200s I can't feel a thing. ZX7 can't feel it. I am traditionally a blade player though and I think it's the curse of comparison. Hit a blade off the toe sub 70° and you'll feel it for a week, but then go to a game improvement iron can't feel a Thang.
  7. I ordered x100 so mine were expected to be slight delayed got an email from golf galaxy last night saying delayed. Called and was told they should ship next week. We shall see
  8. Recently bought these P7MC new in plastic on golf WRX. Had my 695s being rebuilt and they turned out great so I do not need these. Not looking to make any money just looking to cover cost + shipping P7MC 4-P; asking $990 - new in plastic, ships in original box. - dg x100 TI shafts - standard L/L/L Would consider trades of new mizuno irons with x100.
  9. We all have the sickness bro.. nothing will stop it
  10. You need to add the G425 Max to the comparison.
  11. Swear, Titleist T200 (2021) utility build is the best it gets for fairway and tee. Just enough help, but still can shape shots. It's a rocket.
  12. I can compare the 19 T100 to the 21 T100. I like the looks of the 21 better. But they felt more clicky to me. I really liked the 19 T100 they were excellent (shouldn't have sold them but hey I am a WRXer). I do think there is something with the sole design as someone said above. I can't exactly tell you what but I know the 21 T100 cut thick rough like a blade. 19 T100 also did an excellent job, but I hit from the rough a lot and the 21 seemd to be more consostant with distance. I slightly prefer the 19 T100, I made some bad swings with long irons and they just performed. Mostly though I just liked the feel better. Both are excellent. In all honesty I am not playing either set currently, but I have though about rebuilding that 19 T100 a lot recently. I am going to go back to my old 695 cb as a while for an experiment and see what happens but the 19 T100 stays in my mind (along with 3-4 other options... hey I am a classified forum rat)
  13. I honestly think all drivers are really good right now. I am excited to hit the Callaway and TM, but might even go PING! New TM driver looks awesome and they are doing a bang up marketing job selling it. I am glad there are some folks putting real numbers and Trackman sessions out there. Looks like a decent option. No driver is going to fix a bad swing. Honestly, if we get any more dang distance they are going to have to do something. Its getting rediculous how many people carry the ball 280+
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