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  1. I am biased as a fellow lefty but I agree! It seems like it would take minimal effort to accommodate the inverse design for each putter. Even if it were a special order situation where lefty heads are only available from Betti directly with a longer lead time and a reasonable price premium. Instead, even at $2,500+ for a custom putter the left handed models are extremely limited.
  2. I'm a lefty, but I entered the raffle because I was hoping to frame an exact replica of Phil's putter. So I guess it's worth whatever a copy of your favorite painting is...
  3. Looks great! What paint did you use?
  4. Those look amazing! What is the C on the end of the black one? Is that for a Carbon head?
  5. Thanks! Looks like I have a new hobby over the holidays. That BB0 looks great! I like the clean cavity look.
  6. Thanks, I’ll look into that. I can practice on my old Odyssey to make sure it comes out right haha What model is your Hive? It was really cool to see everything they can do on customs.
  7. Thanks! I would definitely get out to Studio B if you have the chance. If you’re coming from out of town, I’m sure they could at least give you a heads up on the current # of lefty Hive options as I’m sure it fluctuates. I agree on the paint fill. Would be a cool way to have a true unique putter even if it’s just color. Anywhere you would recommend to have that done? I can reach out to Betti, but my understanding was you’d have to do a hive custom putter to get specific paint fill or stamping.
  8. Do you notice much difference in feel between the QB6 and QB8? Also, the finish on that QB6 is awesome.
  9. I was recently fitted at their headquarters in Studio B. I definitely fee your pain trying clubs as a lefty and was excited to try all 5 current models. I ended up going with the QB6 and I love it, however I have an arcing stroke and was looking for a firm and responsive feel. I would classify the QB6 as a firm feel, but the soft carbon head is noticeable and still softer than some stainless steel milled putters I have tried. Based on what you are looking for, I think the SS7 might be the best fit for you but you can't go wrong with either and can always adjust loft / lie in a local fitting. I am not a fan of face balanced putters, so I didn't have a chance to truly evaluate the RCF milling in a like for like comparison. I initially liked the SS7 and felt deadly accurate on 5 footers. The face is definitely softer and was the closest to the Odyssey insert on my previous putter. Where I struggled was on longer putts (15 feet+), but if you have a SBST stroke then you probably wouldn't have these issues. Both models have the same stock Lamkin grip options and I really liked both. I went with the standard size pistol grip as I was looking to increase feel, but I think you could use either standard or jumbo on both. Here are some pics of my QB6 at address with a ball and compared to my Odyssey #9. It's definitely larger than the #9 but not by much and I like the square alignment. I didn't do a true side by side evaluation, but the SS7 seemed both shorter and more narrow. That being said, I didn't feel like the SS7 was abnormally small.
  10. Haven't had a chance to provide an update due to work schedule. I guess that's what happens when you take time out of the weekdays for a putter fitting and to play a round of golf haha. The Studio B fitting was a great experience and topped my already high expectations. I worked with their head fitter, Matt and he was a pleasure to work with. As @WIGolf mentioned, they are happy to dive into the technical details or keep it high level with any area based on your preference. I learned a lot about my stroke and overall putting mechanics. I was so caught up in the process that I didn't ask to take pictures but I am sure Matt would have let me, except inside the Hive which it definitely understandable. I found this review prior to my visit and it gives a great overview of what Studio B looks like: https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/index.php?threads/afternoon-at-bettinardi-pic-heavy.8923973/ Here's a summary of my fitting: I met Matt at reception and we went straight up to Studio B. The main area is looks like a high end club pro shop with a lounge area and Bettinardi merchandise throughout. Along the left side of the room they have a large putting green and all current models along the wall. As a lefty I already had limited options, so I was happy to see the LH BB One available to test as the site sold out a few days before my fitting. Matt walked me through the what the fitting process would look like and asked me about my current putter and what I was looking for. I was a little embarrassed to pull out my Odyssey White Ice #9 I have been gaming since 2012 as I expected I would soon realize it was not the best choice for my stroke. I explained that I picked it up in college because I have always been a big Phil fan and prefer the look of heel shafted putters. I switched to the claw style and a SuperStroke grip a few years ago to correct my wrists turning over on long putts and my misses have since been pushes with the face not returning to square at impact. I told him I am open to anything but have always preferred the look of a blade style and decided to get fit at Studio B after testing a BB One at PGA Superstore but have not had a chance to try any other LH models. We then proceeded to the putting green where I tried all 5 current models from varying distances and gave feedback on my preferences throughout. Matt watched me roll putts with each and was very helpful educating me on the differences between each putter and which ones I was rolling the best. The Innovai's just weren't for me, however, I was surprised that I actually like the sightlines of the 6.0. I was excited to try the RCF on the SS7, but I struggled with this one the most as many of the longer putts had the ball skidding across the green after impact. I cannot give the RCF a true evaluation as I think face balanced putters just aren't for me and as a lefty I couldn't test any other Studio Stock style. The BB One was rolling great, just as I experienced previously, and I loved the feel of the QB6 but I was not as accurate. Matt accurately suspected the demo QB6 loft may have been too much and we decided to take the BB One and QB6 over to the fitting room. Before the fitting, I got to check out the Hive and everything in there is amazing. I can definitely see how people drop serious $ without even thinking about it. With my budget, I knew any Hive putters were out but I wanted a unique headcover and found the perfect one. A teal and pink embroidered Windy City Wizard design with the Chicago skyline. I immediately grabbed it and set it aside to purchase. I was also impressed with the LH Hive putter selection there was 5 or 6 and will definitely make a return trip in the future if I'm in the market for a 1 of 1 putter. Behind the main area is the fitting room and there is a big window where you can see the warehouse operations. Additionally, there was another staff member making adjustments to a couple custom orders. It was really cool to see the operations in process. Matt put me on the fitting green with high speed cameras at both ends and had me roll several putts with the BB One. He then showed me my shaft angle, eye position, roll consistency and swing arc. While I knew the BB One felt good, I was surprised at how well I was rolling the ball considering I was switching back to a standard grip after years using the claw (this was my intention as I want to increase the feel/feedback from mishits but could have definitely been fit for the claw grip if I wanted). The fitting specs shocked me as I was setting up with a 65 degree lie angle and eye position about an inch inside center. Matt showed me the how much the toe was off the ground at address with a stock 70 degree lie angle, I never realized how uneven the face was at address. Matt then bent both the BB One and QB6 to my specs - 65 degree lie / standard 3 degree loft / 35 inch length. Exactly as Matt predicted, the demo QB6 was at 3.5 degree loft which he adjusted. I then hit several putts with both adjusted putters on the Quintec and continued to have good roll consistency with both. We then reviewed my numbers and the major difference was the BB One at less than 5rpm side spin and the QB6 around 25rpm. I had never considered side spin on my putts before, but Matt explained anything below 30rpm was considered acceptable and less than 10rpm is great. At this point maybe I should have just gone with the BB One and saved a few bucks, but I fell in love with the QB6 in both looks and feel. I love the heavier head and firm feel off the face. Matt encouraged me to go with my gut and after he made slight adjustments to the QB6 offset, I was right back to less than 10rpm side spin. It's amazing how he knew exactly what to adjust and I couldn't tell much difference at address but was now rolling the QB6 dead straight. That was all I needed to make a confident decision with the QB6 and Matt grabbed a brand new one from the back and set it to my specs. Now it was time to pick a grip. I had been using both with the stock oversized Lamkin which felt comfortable compared to my SuperStroke 3.0. However, he recommended I check out a standard size pistol grip since I was looking for improved feel. I immediately loved the Lamkin pistol grip and Matt even dug around until he found a teal one which matched my Hive headcover perfectly. The whole process took a little over an hour and I felt comfortable throughout with Matt as my guide. I now had a brand new perfectly adjusted QB6 with a unique grip all for the same price as retail. The Hive headcover was extra of course but I was excited that I still got the stock Queen B headcover as well. My fitting was Monday and I was able to get a round in on Wednesday. I got to the course early and putted around for ~20 minutes, mainly working on speed beforehand. I fully expected to have an off putting day with a brand new putter and a complete grip style change, but I ended up having one of my best days on the green. I had two pushes and one complete miss due to speed, however I sunk the 15 foot comeback putt. I made several putts outside 6 feet and had tap in 2 putts all day. Only one 3 putt that was due to a very hard pin location and poor approach. Overall, I am very happy with the QB6 selection and while I know I have to continue working on consistency, I am confident I found my putter for the next decade plus. My entire group commented on the looks of the putter too. The rose gold PVD finish (I think it looks more like copper) really stands out on the greens but had no issues with glare. I highly recommend the Studio B fitting to anyone who has an opportunity to do so. Pics of the new stick:
  11. Picked up this Bettinardi QB6 during my Studio B fitting earlier this week. I love the feel and roll consistency, one round in and already seeing improvements in my putting. While it doesn't affect performance... The Hive headcover is definitely my favorite part! I highly recommend a Studio B fitting to anyone in the Chicago area.
  12. Looks great! I love the sole detail, it's my favorite design they have done on the QB line. Interested in the forums recommendations as well as I just picked up a '21 QB6. Do you know if the QB8 was a PVD finish? A quick google search on the '17 line just says Satin Silver, but not sure if that describes the finish or just the color.
  13. Will do! Sounds like I won't be able to take many pics, which is understandable, but I will definitely share my experience. Thanks for the advice! I am looking forward to trying multiple head / neck types. As a lefty I never get to try my friend's equipment so I only know the Odyssey #9 I have used since 2012 haha
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a putter fitting scheduled at Studio B on Monday and I am hoping some of you can share your prior experiences. I am a lefty, so I have limited options and I am wondering if I should expect some models not available on their website. Unfortunately custom Hive putters are out of my budget but I would love to try some older models / demos in addition to the 5 current lefty models, but not sure if they typically have this available. Similarly, what was your experience with availability of Hive accessories (headcovers, grips, apparel etc.)? I am also interested in their milled cigar ash trays. Any feedback/advice is appreciated. This is my first putter fitting and I am going in with an open mind and excited to hear the fitter's recommendations / feedback on my stroke.
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