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  1. A bit of a curve ball, but have you tried the TM Tour Response? Yes, they are softer compression (like the RX) but according to some reviews they can withstand a 110mph swing with a driver without losing much more than a yard or so… and they are high launch, low spin with a bit of bite around the greens. I can happily interchange between these and the TP5x performance wise and not lose sleep… but I’m a couple mph down on you!
  2. Hi - really great thread to read through... thanks for taking the time with this. Any ideas how the SIM Max would compare launch/spin wise with the M2 (2016), assuming that shaft, loft etc were all equal (or as close as can be?)
  3. Anyone got any ideas how the SIM Max would compare launch/spin wise with the M2 (2016), assuming that shaft, loft etc were all equal (or as close as can be?)
  4. Not quite Oxfordshire, but try and get down to see Jason at Golf Principles in Basingstoke - one of the best there is when it comes to fitting.
  5. The weights use the tool as the old R series drivers like the R7 driver. No they don’t - they’re too big. The weights on the new putters require a smaller torx bit.
  6. It’s only one or two sizes smaller. I took my putter into a hardware store and found the one I needed. Thanks - managed to find one
  7. Ok, so I’ve just picked up one of the new Black Tour Double Bend versions and the normal TM wrench for MWT's (ie the ones that used to work with the R series drivers, the original Spiders and also fit the sleeve screw) does not fit the new ones (it’s too big). Anyone got any ideas what size these new versions are?
  8. [quote name='Go_Blue!' timestamp='1330632078' post='4412913'] There will ever be a tp red ldp again, sadly. I too found the XV firm. Good ball but nowhere near the tp red. The tp red stood out because it was soft launched low with little spin and had the right amount of spin around greens. It amazes me when a company hits on a true winner and then eliminates it. I know its all marketing and branding but good god, titleist still has the pro v line. [/quote] Absolutely my thoughts exactly!
  9. As a user of the TP Red LDP since they first came out, I really wanted to like the Penta and make the switch. Unfortunately, that won't be the case, as for me, the Red TP remains the best ball that TM has ever produced. Driver - Penta went a touch higher than the TP Red and although distance was comparable, I feel that the Red TP just had the edge, but only by a small margin. Long Irons - much the same as the driver, the Penta went a bit higher, but similar distances to the TP Red. Mid-Short Irons - this is the big area where, for me, the Penta comes up short (literally!). Launched high
  10. A bit like EnglishBob, I'm a fan of the Sigma lenses... in my case, I went for the 150-500mm to go with my Nikon D300. Not so much of a range as the the 50-500mm, but it does have Sigma's version of OS/IS, which is a great help...
  11. Should be easy enough to attach the belt clip that comes with the SG5 to the bag somewhere and use that, rather than spend extra on the 'dedicated' bag mount.
  12. How were you fit into a SDV8? The person obviously didn't tell you anything about it, they obviously don't have access to it since its not in your club right now, and they are tour issue only, so I don't really see how this is possible... Hope I don't sound like an a****** but your story doesn't make any sense. As far as the shaft goes its the same as DVS-80 stiff flex but with S-core stabilization technology. DVS is high launch mid/high spin (more than VS) All else being equal it will launch the same as non voodoo version but spin marginally less. Good shaft if you need help getting the
  13. Just been fitted for an Aldila Voodoo SDV8 to go into my 3-wood.... however, I can't find any info on it. It doesn't show up on the Aldila website and searching on here doesn't throw up anything either. Anyone have any info on specs etc of this shaft? Many thanks
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